Changing Your Video Privacy Settings On Youtube

In Youtube, you can set your video’s privacy settings as Public, Private or Unlisted. Know the difference among the three options and learn how to modify your privacy settings through this article.


  1. Access your Video manager. To do this, click the arrow next to the Upload button on your homepage. From the dropdown menu, press Video Manager.
  2. Press the Edit button under the video you wish to modify.
  3. Choose your preferred settings from the Privacy settings dropdown menu. You may select Public, Private or Unlisted.
  4. Press Save.

Things you need to know:

  1. When you set your video as private, only you and users you prefer will be able to view it. It will not be displayed on search results or your channel. Users must have a Google account to view your private video.
  2. When you set your video as unlisted, only people with its link will be able to see it. An unlisted video will not be displayed on your channel or search results. There is no need for a Google account to see an unlisted video as long as the user has your link.
  3. Your Youtube account must have a good standing in order for you to have your video as unlisted. You may check your standing in your Account Settings.

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