How To: Check A Domain Whether It Is Banned Or Not From Google Adsense

There is no doubt that there are many advertising affiliates that you can work with in order to earn from your blogs; however, no company does it better than Google AdSense.

It is a fact that Google AdSense offers the highest pay-per-click rate. It is legit, financially rewarding, and very stable.

As this might be the case, it is more difficult to get approved by AdSense compared to others because of the many strict regulations and rules to live by.

Nevertheless, if you are able to meet all their requirements, it is a sure continuous way to earn money from your blog site. But, it does not mean that when you are approved, you can be complacent and try to take for granted the policies Google has reinforced. There is still a chance that your account will be banned.

The sad fact is, once you deliberately or repetitiously mess with AdSense’s rules, they will eventually ban your domain, which is every blogger’s worst nightmare.

Three categories of Google AdSense Ban

There are three ways that Google perform their banning practices. These are the following:

  • Google AdSense Account Bans – this is the worst AdSense ban since your entire account will be banned.
  • Google AdSense Domain Bans – in this type of ban, only your domain will be banned. Google allows you to have plenty of domains but with only one account. So, you can still have a banned domain and a good domain at the same time registered in one account.
  • Google AdSense URL Bans – one specific URL can be banned by Google. So if you have a domain, one URL or page of that domain can be banned and not the entire domain.

Reasons Adsense can ban your domain

There are many reasons that Google can ban your domain. It is very time-consuming to go through each of them. So I recommend that you read Google Adsense’s Terms of Service.
Some of the obvious reasons that your domain can be banned are:

  • Pornographic content
  • Malicious software
  • Cracked software
  • Fraud clicks
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Cloaking
  • Title stacking
  • Altering codes and use of robots, just to name a few.

How to check if a site is banned from Google Adsense

Now, let us go to our main topic for this blog; how you can check whether a domain is banned or not. At this point in time, the best solution to this problem is using Google AdSense SandBox. This is a free software offered online that will help you check the standing of your domain or other domains in relation with Google AdSense.

Basically, you can check any domain. You do not need an ID or other proofs that you own the domain. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Go to
  2. Type the URL of the domain and select a country from the drop down menu (you can just leave it). Google Adsense Sandbox
  3. When you type in the needed parameters, hit Preview Ads button.
  4. You will then be provided with different formats of AdSense Ads. If you don’t see any ad, then that domain is either not registered to AdSense or worse, is banned by Google.

Simple, isn’t it?

Importance of knowing this

So why bother knowing whether a domain is banned or not? If you are someone who wants to buy a domain, it is very important to know its AdSense status. It is a bonus for you if the domain you are about to buy is already affiliated with AdSense.

In case that you found out that a domain is banned; then, it is a red flag for you. Though, there are some remedies for a domain to be reinstated to AdSense program. So you have a choice to either cross out the domain from your choices or buy the domain and fix the problem yourself.

In addition to this, if you already have a blog site running AdSense program, it will be great to know what are the ads being displayed on your website. Google AdSense SandBox can tell you what are the ads being placed by Google.

Moreover, if you are in doubt whether AdSense is still working, just use SandBox and have a confirmation.

Final Words

So there you have it. This is how you would know if the domain is banned or not. A piece of advice; you should never ever try to mess with Google no matter how tempting it is. The guys working in Google are geniuses and they have these powerful software and programs that will surely catch you doing dirty tricks.

Take some time in testing SandBox. You will love how it works. And when you do, go back here and tell us your experience.

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