Checking The Amount Of Upload In Dropbox

Uploading and syncing files in Dropbox is relatively easy, and using the drag-and-drop functionality is but superb in easing out the task, more if there are several files. However, relative also to the file size and the number of files, syncing or uploading can get a bit longer than expected. Worse, you might also be worried along the way as to whether what you are uploading is already consuming so much Dropbox space along the way. The best thing, then, is to learn how to monitor your uploads.

Firstly, I would like to let you know immediately that Dropbox has its one limit in terms to uploading: it does not show the progress of upload at least by percentage value, whether it be collectively (which means the total progress of all files) or singularly (progress of each file). We would wish Dropbox would include this feature really soon.

To compensate, Dropbox at least shows the estimated amount of time for the uploads to complete. Together with this, you are also given the rate of transfer Dropbox is currently using to upload or sync your files. You cannot see these statistics on the web, so you have to check it using the Desktop app:

  1. Locate the icon of your desktop Dropbox app on your notification area.
  2. If you are already uploading, simply hover your mouse to the icon. At first, the pop-up balloon will tell you that the list is being prepared or indexed, and then followed by the number of files being uploaded, the transfer rate, and the estimated time for the task to finish.

    Alternatively, you can also click on the icon, and on the top of the appearing window, the number of files together with the remaining minutes are shown.

While some would propose that you can calculate the amount of progress already occurred on the upload, I would rather say that it would be unreliable. To put in details, remember that the values you see on the transfer rate or speed is not perfectly stable and is hardly predictable, more if you have unstable connection or if you are just using WiFi. Following this is the estimated time being presented as this is also dependent on the current transfer speed.

You can, however, monitor the amount of space being consumed by your files during uploading by clicking on your name in Dropbox online. Again, the calculations may not be reliable as Dropbox usually updates the bar only after every successful file upload.

The best thing, then, that you can do for now is to wait and ensure that the file is properly uploaded by checking it in Dropbox online


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