checklist: how to set up an attractive facebook business page

You have opened a Facebook page for your business or blog. Now, what? Does it look appealing or does it resemble that of the other Facebook pages?

With a dull page, you can’t expect to attract more followers or fans. But you can make it stand out by tweaking your page and spicing it up with fun apps.

Having an attractive Facebook page can improve your online marketing campaign. It gives your business stronger online presence while granting your target audience a site where they can recommend your brand publicly to their friends and connections. Not only that. It’ll also boost your search rankings.

Also, your Facebook fan page will help you connect with your customers, be they existing or previous clients. The demographics supplied by this social networking site will give you an idea about the people who like/share your photo/posts, as well as your fans who are commenting.

Their age, location and gender will also be given to you as pertinent details to further assist you in building targeted advertising campaigns.

Through those factors, you can choose to modify your existing campaign to better identify your brand and communicate with your active audience.

HOW-TO: Set Up An Attractive Facebook Business Page

How to Setup an Attractive Facebook Page Attractive

#1: Add a Profile Picture

The main goal of having a Facebook fan page is to obtain as many likes and reshares as possible. You want to catch people’s attention and persuade them to visit your page, so you must provide an eye-catching profile photo. It could be your business logo or a symbol the represents your business. It must be an image that suggests a sense of loyalty. In this way, they’ll keep coming back to your page for more.

#2: Add a Cover photo

And don’t forget your cover photo. It’s one of the most essential pieces of any type of Facebook business pages as it can add more beauty to your page. Choose a cover that will remind your audience about how exceptional your business is.

And make sure it doesn’t pixelate. The size must be 850px in width and 315px in height.

Although a cover photo has a bigger image size, you must remember not to bury your content under your profile picture. Yes, there’s a section there that won’t come into sight without clicking on it. So, keep that space clear. Here’s a template I made for you:

Click here to download the template

Click here to download the PSD File

The ‘visible area’ means those are the only area you need to add your content on. Make sure not to add anything behind the ‘invisible’ area.

#3: Pimp your “Page” info

Page Info

Don’t forget to add information about your business on the “About” tab. It must contain every detail you want to make known to your visitors. This means that you must add your:

  • Business name – You cannot put any symbols and if you have more than 200 likes, you will not be able to change your name easily, you have to submit a request to Facebook.
  • Category – Choose an applicable category to help people what your page is about.
  • Short Description – Craft a brief summary of your page in 155 characters. Include the reasons why your business is valuable to your visitors. Include your website link to make it easier for your fans to access your site.
  • Business physical address(if you have one).
  • Facebook Vanity (Custom) URL – You can only change this once.
  • Long Description – Tell your visitors everything that you want them to be acquainted with about your business. It must contain the most essential details of your business.
  • Awards – Here’s your chance to brag about your accomplishments! Your awards denote how credible your business is in your niche.
  • Email address – Be flexible. Including your email adds professional touch to your page.
  • Website – Drive more traffic to your site, it’s why you created a business fan page right?

Here’s how you update your Page info: view your Facebook page > hit “Update Page info” button beside the like button.

#4: Modify Your Settings

Facebook Settings

  • Is your Facebook page actually published? Check if your Facebook page is visible to public. Remember that you want to encourage more likes and shares to your posts. If your settings are set to private, then people won’t find your page. Turn it “on” so that people will see and find your company through Facebook.
  • Is the “Messages” button turned “on”? If you’re not sure, then go to Messages on the Edit Settings. Make sure to check the box next to “Allow people to contact…” Sometimes, people don’t want to make their comments or message about your business in public. Turning this setting on will make it trouble-free for your fans to reach you.
  • Is your comment replies turned on? To better communicate with your audience and enhance engagement, you should turn on the “replies” setting. This will give you the opportunity to answer back to your fans individually. It’s also easier for them to interact with your other fans.

Here’s how you change your Settings: view your Facebook page > hit “Update Page info” button beside the like button > click “Settings”

#5: Use Custom Tabs

Use Custom Tabs Facebook

Custom tabs can make a difference to your Facebook page. Depending on the tabs you’ll be using, they can give your page value and encourage people that you’re worth following. They must provide value to your visitors and help in converting your fans into loyal customers. Here are some apps you can add in to make your page a little more fun and interesting:

  • Social Networking Apps. Include social networking apps such as Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, GooglePlus, etc. This will automatically pull the updates you make to those sites and will be displayed on your custom tabs. Here are some tutorials: Integrate Youtube App Tab / Add Pinterest App / Add Twitter App / Add Instagram App
  • Video App. There are tons of video applications intended for Facebook. They allow you to create playlists or share videos about your business to your fans.
  • Notes App. The notes can be about anything related to your business. You can also upload a photo along with the notes and tag people/fans so they can view the note. This can be a space where you and your fans can interact about a particular subject.
  • RSS Feed App. Allow your fans to quickly know the latest blog posts on your site directly from your fan page. This is a great way to drive more traffic to your site. Some great apps are: Social RSS / RSS Grafitti
  • Newsletter App. Gain more subscribers by adding a newsletter app on your Facebook page.
  • Custom iFrame tabs. This type of enhancement allows you to put together an irresistible fan page without the need of a much programming background. It’s a great way to give your audience rich experience while visiting your page. Here are some great iFrame tabs you can use:
    • Thunderpenny (Static HTML), for instance, is a free app that you can add to customize the content of your page and make it more interesting. This free app is one of the easiest apps that let you use tabs for fans and another tab for non-fans.
    • To run some contests on your page, you may add a third-party app, like Woobox. It allows you to run different contests, such as coupons, sweepstakes, etc. This one is a paid app but its plans are affordable. But you can always use its basic functionality free of charge.
    • Pagemodo is another DIY fan page creation tool that you can make use of. It has a photo-upload feature making it easier to enlarge or shrink images to meet the Facebook template’s requirements.
    • Another premium DIY tool to add life to your fan page on Facebook is Heyo. It’s a cheap tool yet offers tons of features to spice up your page. Plus, it delivers results as if they were made by professionals.

To find more apps: go to

Quick tip: Custom iFrame tabs are imperative if you’re running a contest, sweepstakes or giveaways on your fan page. They’re also great in fan-gating on Facebook. Fan-gating is the same as a welcome page to your new visitors. Its main goal is to convert your visitors to become your fans. Tease them with your promotions that are only available to fans. This will compel them to “like” you.

#6: Add featured stuff

Featured Likes and Pages

This is another wonderful way for you to add personal touch to your Facebook fan page. Your brand will get more publicity causing more likes and engagement with your audience.

  • Page Likes – This will show up at the right side of your page under the ‘comments’ section. You can add up to 5 featured page likes on your page. You can add your other fan pages or your friends fan pages. Or you can add other fan pages in the same industry, it’s a way of showing your fans what interests you.
  • Page Owners – You can also highlight the people who are behind your Facebook page. This is possible through the Featured Page Owners/Admins. It’s a great opportunity for you to stress yourself and others as the owners of your Facebook fan page. But you must only use this feature if you want to publicly display the personal profiles of your admins. Otherwise, don’t use this function.

Here’s how you update your Page info: view your Facebook page > hit “Update Page info” button beside the like button > click “More” > select “Featured” from the drop down menu.

#7: Add interesting content

Before you put your page live, you must have at least 5-10 content added. Even on your Facebook fan page, content is still the king. You want to increase interaction and engagement, so provide them with useful and interesting information to keep your fans coming back, which may drive more sales. Use different types of content such photos, videos and quotes to enhance engagement levels.

But.. you just don’t post a content, make sure to optimize each content you add to increase engagement. Here’s how:

  • Use high-quality image that will grab your fans attention
  • Add a description to the caption part
  • Add a question or call-to-action
  • Add your link (if applicable)
  • Use relevant #hashtags

By keeping your Facebook fan page visually interesting, you can make it shine like a star. But make sure that your content is genuine to beat your competitors. Do remember, however, that making your fan page more popular won’t happen overnight. The process can be very slow but these techniques presented can help you get started.

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