How-To: Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Website

Choosing the right domain name is an initial step for any would-be successful blogger and website owners. The domain name is an important factor for all website owners, especially those who are building their online visibility.

Those who want their blogs to get ahead should be careful when choosing their domain name, which tells what a website is all about. Many people guess what a website contains by looking at its domain name.

Effective domain names are those that are easy to remember and completely indicate what a website is about.

What is your website all about?

This is your initial question upon deciding what domain name to use. Be careful because it can make or break your website and your future plans for it. Many mistakes in choice can prove to be fatal to your venture in the future.

When search engines find out that your domain name doesn’t coincide with your content, they may look down on your site.

Before choosing a name for your website, consult some of your friends and show them likely names. Seek their honest opinion. You may find it awkward to ask other people, but think of them as your actual online audience.

Show them a list of likely names and explain to them what your planned website will contain. Let them pick the best name. The one that gets chosen the most frequently should be your best bet. Of course, this is a crude method.

Short and simple name leave a lasting impression.

Avoid making URL that runs too long. Your audience won’t likely remember it the next time they go online. The problem this time is that most of the short site names have already been bought.

Hence, brainstorming is necessary before coming up with an easy to remember blog or site name. Good names are those that are easy to type. Look at some of the popular and successful blogs. Do you realize how easy the words before the “.com” look?

Choose the right words.

Again keywords have to play a vital role in your domain name. This means you can’t just choose anything you want. Use the main keyword you’re using to optimize your site if possible.

This way, search engines will quickly see the direct relationship between your domain name and your content, making them favor your site more. Bloggers and website owners should be keen to how their domain names are related to their content. Well, you cannot write about cars if your site name is “tropical gardening basics”.

Uniqueness is a key!

As you might have figured out, there’s much necessity for uniqueness in everything you wish to put online. If your goal is to be noticed, to stand out from the crowd, you have to be unique.

This too applies to website names, and the explanation is simple. You don’t want your site to be mistaken for someone else’s. Make sure the URL of your site doesn’t read like your competitor’s site URL.

Legal implications of copying someone else’s domain name, whether deliberately or unknowingly, can have serious implications. So when you choose a name, make sure it doesn’t exist or no one has used it.

Imagine running a popular blog running for over a year only to be notified by a website owner for a copyright violation. All your hard work will go down the drain as your blog gets taken down. This is such a painful repercussion of not taking measures beforehand.

Avoid fad names.

You see popular words ten years ago are no longer heard today. Be careful when choosing currently popular words for your domain, because they may not last long enough in the taste of the public. Instead, think of your business and brand. What kind of impression do you want to leave your audience?

Contemplate on your domain name. Don’t think it’s just a name or it’s just a phrase, because it has a huge impact on your blog or website.

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