10+ Best Cleaning Website Examples & Inspirations

Service-oriented businesses like cleaning companies need a website that communicates what they can do and assures clients that they’re trustworthy. This can be done by crafting a website with an emphasis on track record and handling what objections potential clients have in mind. With this in mind, let’s look at these 10+ Best Cleaning Website Examples & Inspirations to get an idea of what best practices we can pick and implement on your website.

10+ Best Cleaning Website Examples & Inspirations

1. Amazing Space

Amazing Space Cleaning Website Examples

Amazing Space sure knows how to make a good impression. They implemented a modern and sophisticated layout design — with well-managed sections, spaces, and elements. Furthermore, their use of bright and cosy photos also helped communicate their narrative. Call-to-action buttons are also implemented in each section, encouraging the audience to read more.

2. Advanta Clean

Professionals, Advanta Clean maximized the landing page through the use of a carousel banner. They added snapshots of their team in action — giving the potential client an immediate idea of what they do. Moreover, they also added a form section that encourages the audience to drop them a message and discuss further what service they might need.

3. Better Life Maids

Better Life Maids Cleaning Website

Better Life Maids is a minimalist cleaning website design example. They used their brand colours consistently which contributed to a more cohesive website. At the same time, their use of white background allowed these colours to pop out even more and accent that drives the attention of the audience to important things. Besides this, they also added a testimonial section and media platforms theonve been featured in to build credibility.

4. Boardwalk Cleaning

For their household clients, Boardwalk Cleaning understands that family is important. With this, they added happy family elements which can emotionally trigger the aspirations of their clients. They also expressed their intention to help create a safe and clean space through their well-written web copy.

5. My Clean Agent

Clean Agent Website

My Clean Agent is another good cleaning website you can check out. They stayed away from using traditional actual images and came up with a full-graphic montage of what their professional team does. Furthermore, there are specific call-to-action buttons implemented to either encourage the audience to inquire or leave a review from previous clients.

6. Shine

With a full-on banner with a woman looking out, Shine drives attention toward their headline which is: the value you can see.  Their navigational bar on top allows easy navigation and a form to request a call is also readily available on the right. Furthermore, they also added sections to highlight their guarantee and share with the audience a quick background about the business and what services they offer.

7. Height

Height Cleaning Website Examples

Like a visual watercolour painting of a hi-rise building, Height communicates with the audience what services they offer. They kept their website clutter free besides a quick business background and a navigational menu for further exploration. There is also a Contact Us button to fill out a form and request a call.

8. Pristine House Cleaning

Pristine House Cleaning is another cleaning website inspiration to explore. They use contrasting colours and visual elements to get the attention of the audience immediately. Besides this, each section they implemented also discusses what services they offer and how these are done. As if walking the customer through the whole process, establishing authority and setting expectations.

9. All Clean

All Clean Cleaning Website Examples

With an understanding that attention online is short-span, All Clean worked on putting everything essential in the first section of the website. They included the contact details and booking schedule for ease of reference. Moreover, the booking process is also explained to ensure that the customer understands their terms. Call-to-action buttons are also encouraging the audience to get their quotation.

10. Eagleson Cleaning

Simple but messaging is on point, Eagleson Cleaning communicates their guarantee and assures the audience they’re in good hands. They seem humble and diligent which can positively benefit the business. Not only that, but they also have a map to guide you where they’re located and a small testimonials section to gain more trust. The services they offer are also enumerated with call-to-action buttons if you need to read more.


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