10 Coffee Packaging Designs That Will Leave You Stimulated With Creativity

Coffee is one of the products that require good packaging and advertising techniques to be sold out in the market easily. In this article, we are going to give you some stimulating and eye-catching coffee packaging designs that can boost your creativity in making one.

Without further do, here is the list:

Mayaland Coffee

This has a breathtaking and colorful packaging design that includes a parrot on the label. It will surely captivate any person who would want to buy that coffee, leaving an aromatic feel of the product.

Cielito Coffee

Here is a cute Mexican coffee packaging design that is also quite unique and easy to carry. It is quite simple and minimalistic but nonetheless cute.

Coffee Nova

Coffee Nova is a Kazakh / Russian brand of coffee that has a black and unique packaging design. The geometric figures make it look astounding and creative.

Hello Coffee

This coffee packaging design also has a minimalistic and cute approach. It is designed specifically to brighten up your day as soon as you pick up that coffee and put it on your cup with hot water.

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

This almost looks like a milk carton, which is quite unique for its packaging design. It is also quite cute in its design and easy to carry as well.

Dark Matter

This is yet another unique packaging of coffee, such that it makes use of coffee bits itself to create a horse picture on the front label. It looks pretty unique, don’t you think?

Naked Coffee

Here is a work made by a student. This has a more vintage and natural design of coffee packaging, true to the fact that coffee is a natural product. It comes in different colors but all in brown theme.

Peeze Coffee

Here is another unique coffee package design. It has commercial models on each flavor – a different one on each.

Handsome Coffee

Fit for the male audience and coffee drinkers, this package has a lot of ‘handsomeness’ in it, with its solid brown appearance.

Reserve Collection

This packaging looks a lot like a bus or train ticket with its product and content label, which makes it stand out.



Making coffee packaging can be challenging, but with these ideas, you are sure to gain some inspiration. If you enjoy this post, share it with your friends so they can also get ideas from the ones we shared above.

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