10+ Best Commercial Real Estate Website Design Examples & Inspirations

Get your business positioned in an advantage within the commercial real estate industry. Even if you don’t know where to start, you can take a look and gain insights from industry leaders and their amazing websites to check out. Here are 10+ Best Commercial Real Estate Website Design Examples & Inspirations that you can visit and explore.

10+ Best Commercial Real Estate Website Design Examples & Inspirations

1. Scale Up Agent

A reliable real estate agency in Toronto, Scale Up Agent helps start-ups to jumpstart their career in the industry or help revamp established businesses to achieve their goals. Furthermore, they can help you with website design and content creation that’s true and relevant to your branding. If you don’t have any branding yet, they can also help you get started so you wouldn’t need to spend so much time and just let the experts handle it. 

2. We Work

We Work highlights collaborative spaces throughout its website. They have a modern web design with functional sections such as a search module to help the audience find nearby spaces. Besides the geo-targeted approach of the website, they also added categories that group their selection depending on the customer profile.

3. Ellis Partners

Ellis Partners Commercial Real Estate Website
With a refreshing website, Ellis Partners wows us with a montage of real spaces. Their menu bar on the top allows ease in navigation and enables improved client overall experience. Furthermore, the call to action button in each section allows secures potential clients and encourages actual lead conversion. The changing text overall on the banner can also catch one’s attention and keep them curious about what else is in store for them.

4. Advalurem

Advalurem may have a dark-themed website but they know very well how to use this in highlighting important points. More than the navigational bar on top, you can even explore further through strategically-placed call-to-action buttons. They also kept it simple since you don’t need to scroll further.

5. Locale

Locale Commercial Real Estate Website Design

Modern and sophisticated, Locale wings its commercial real estate website design example and used a stunning minimalist website. They played around with colour blocking to highlight important details and attract an audience through interactive video embedded. Tweets from their official Twitter account were also added in a section too.

6. Long Point

Using bright and vibrant colours, Long Point is one of the must-see commercial real estate websites to visit. They have a website with a membership module — allowing their clients to have specific perks and first dibs on the information. Moreover, there are blog posts and insights written to educate their customers further and also help optimize the website for search engines.

7. RXR

RXR Commercial Real Estate Website Design Examples

Professional-looking, RXR wows us with their impactful and immersive website. They added media clips that play on loop, adding life to the page and giving clients a sneak peek of what goes on behind the scenes. For further information, call-to-action buttons are also available for exploration too. They also added statistics to easily establish credibility and gain trust. More focused on educating the client, they ensure that all necessary details are included to increase the chances of conversion.

8. Hix Snedeker

An impressive modern minimalist website, Hix Snedeker listed their real estate properties depending on the state. Without much clutter, they utilized scenic landscapes in each state and put a white text overlay for a neat finish. Furthermore, there is also a menu option on the upper right that you can click and explore.

9. Spirit Investment Partners

Spirit Investment Commercial Real Estate Website Design Examples

Spirit Investment Partners has an impressive professional website. They showcase stunning real estate interior that sure adds a pop of colour to the website. Moreover, they also used serif fonts which adds a sense of authority and shows professionalism to potential clients. Besides this, the menu on top also allows ease of browsing too. Pages dedicated to contact information, team’s background, and investments are available — this can help the audience gauge if they’re a good fit.

10. Hines

Neat and contemporary, Hines has a minimalist website design with white background and red accents. The use of these contrasting colours allows them to direct customers to absorb the important details. Not only that, but they also presented their track record statistics to establish trustworthiness. This is supported by features and articles noting their achievements.

11. O’Neill & Brennan

O Neill Brennan Commercial Real Estate Website Design Examples

True leaders in the commercial real estate industry, O’Neill & Brennan wows us with their immersive and scenic full-screen website design. Scrolling further, they added helpful sections to share their story and the company’s mission that benefits the client. Besides this, the little transitions add a playful touch to their modern professional theme. Their web copy is also written with thought since they implemented most in bullets to improve readability.




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