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Formerly, sharing pictures with your family, friends, and others require your time and effort. You need to take pictures from your camera and have them printed, so others can see them when you bring the photos to them physically.

But now, you can easily take a picture from your phone and directly upload it to any of your favorite social-networking site accounts, to let your family and friends see them on the comfort of their homes or work places.

Instagram has made photo-sharing easier; and it is the most likable app for photo-sharing because of its amazing features. Once the picture is shared on Instagram, it can also be shared to other social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, etc. by doing a few changes in the settings.

This service has made photo-sharing easier than eve; from one Instagram account, pictures can be shared to different other networks.

Okay, here’s how you link your Instagram to Your Twitter Account:

If you’re an iOS user (iPhone, Ipad, Ipod)..

Important: Before anything else, make sure you have your Twitter and Instagram apps installed on your device and make sure you are logged in too.

  1. Go to the “Settings” app on your device. Settings App
  2. Scroll down until you find the “Twitter” option. Tap Twitter Option
  3. Turn on ‘Instagram’ to allow it to connect to your Twitter account. Tap Instagram to turn it ON
  4. Then.. Login to your Instagram account with your infos (make sure you’re signed in to Twitter). Click the Settings (gear-like) button. Settings Icon
  5. Scroll down and tap “Share Settings” Share Settings
  6. Select “Twitter”. You will be asked to enter your Twitter username and password. And you’re all set! Select Twitter and enter infos

If you’re an Android user (Samsung Galaxy, Note, etc.)..

  1. Login to your Instagram account. View your profile then click the “Settings” button (witht the 3 dots) located at the very top right side of your screen. Samsung Settings Instagram
  2. Go to “Sharing Settings” Instagram Android Sharing Settings
  3. Select “Twitter” and login with your Twitter credentials. That’s all! Instagram Twitter Login

When these steps are completed, you can easily select Twitter when you upload a photo on Instagram, to allow the image to be shared on the site too.

Other things you need to know:

  1. When you failed to share the photo on Twitter, you can tap “…” which can be found below the caption of the photo you uploaded on Instagram. After click it, choose ‘Tweet’ and tap ‘Send’ button.
  2. Most of the time when users are unable to connect to Twitter, the reasons can be the internet connection or the temporary issues of Twitter site. You can log in after few hours and the connection can be made easily. If the problem persists for more than few hours, restart your phone and delete the app then reinstall it and follow the above mentioned steps.
  3. Sharing of Instagram photos on Twitter is only available for iOS, not for Android phones.

You can add and delete any account if you no longer want to make it connected. It is also on your will to select what to share on Twitter and what not. All the currently uploaded pictures and also the very old ones can be shared to other sites if you want to.

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