How To Conquer Fears And Get Things Done Now

Fears and worries are the common barriers that prevent a person from being able to accomplish to do something.

Holding yourself back from being competent in doing a task because you allow fear to control you will not do you any good.

Likewise, worrying can also be a source of fear which can lead to depression and making you incapable of getting things done.

Positivity is the key in helping you become more competent and to help overcome your fears and worries.

Here are some tips that would help become more in control of your worries and fears.

1. Concentrate on what you have now

Worrying about things that you don’t have will not help you get things done. It is best to focus on the things that you have now and think on how you can maximize them to accomplish something. Being able to re-direct your concentration on your available resources will help you finish a task and it gives you more confidence that you have something to start with. Ask yourself, “If you’re not going to do it NOW… WHEN?”

now or never

You will find yourself stuck on something when you think more on what you don’t have and will find yourself more discouraged to pursue to take things a little further.

2. Breathe and relax

Relaxing yourself is one way to relieve stress and worries. It will give your mind and body a time out from being flooded with negativities. Try to listen to the music, get a fresh bath, and relax your senses by getting a massage or drink a warm milk or tea. After bringing your mind and body in harmony, you will be able to think more clearly and become more inspired to start accomplishing something.

4. Don’t be too obsessed about worrying

Ask yourself, “Why would you waste your time and energy worrying?” It won’t do you any good! Too much worry could result to unreasonable fear that could lead to depression. As a consequence you find yourself paralyzed and unable to think more clearly. Think about positive thoughts and imagine yourself as capable of overcoming your fears. Bring yourself into action than dwelling on the negative thoughts that cause your worries and fears.
Try your best to avoid thinking horrible thoughts.

“Stop Worrying and Start Living”

4. Take a moment to reflect

If you find yourself worrying too much try to pause for a moment and reflect whether worrying will help your situation. A moment of reflection will give you some time to think about your situation and to open your mind to possibilities. Weigh whether worrying about something will give you an advantage of getting started in accomplishing something or it will prevent you from being pro-active.

breath deeply

5. Always consider options

If you find yourself stuck on something, it helps to think that you have other options in order to get things done. Try to become more flexible in considering other options than insisting on taking the option where you are left point blank. Dwelling on inflexibility could make you rigid and incapable of accomplishing a work unless you overcome your fears of taking another direction in order to accomplish your goal.

6. Find a solution

Most of the time fear sets in because of the reasons that you find yourself with no other option or recourse. In order to overcome fear, always make a positive outlook in finding the solution to the cause of your fears. Do not allow yourself to become trapped to the “dead end” point of view. Trying other things will give you more leeway in discovering other means of accomplishing something.

find solutions

7. Define your problem

It’s common for people to be instantly engulfed with fears and worries about things without really defining what cause them. By being able to acknowledge the cause of your fear and worries will help you become more focused in finding the solution of overcoming them.

Sometimes, we struggle to overcome our fear but no avail because we don’t really understand the main cause of it. Instead of worrying take the time to internalize the cause of your fears to help yourself evaluate your ability to find the solution and get things done with more control and focus.

8. Be in control

Allowing fear and worries to control your capability of doing something will make you feel helpless at the end of the day. You can be in control by becoming pro-active by planning your activities in order to accomplish one task after another.

you can do it!

This will allow you to concentrate on one task at a time and to hurdle the problems that may arise from each without causing you unnecessary worries when performing another task. Just believe in yourself!

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