6 Factors You Need To Consider Before You Buy A DSLR Camera

Photography’s popularity as a creative and fulfilling hobby has been spreading and spreading. It seems as though the “photography bug” bites really hard. The damage? An insatiable urge to capture the fleetingness of everything.

For anyone into photography, a great camera can go a long way highlighting your talent. So, if you are considering getting your first DSLR camera, or want to switch to a better one, here are 6 factors you should consider when searching for one.

  1. Reason for buying one

    Do you live on the money you get from your photography or is it but a fun pastime? Do you use it for capturing the palate-teasing creations you bake in your kitchen and then post on your blog?

    Your reason for buying a DSLR camera is very central in shaping your decision. Even if you are tight money-wise, if it’s essential for your blog’s success you know that buying one isn’t on whim, it’s a necessity.

    Think carefully the reason for buying a camera, it will show you whether a standard digital camera might as well do the trick.

  2. Brand matters

    It might sound trivial, but the brand does matter, since if you opt for, say a Nikon, then you’re in a sense forced to get all your additional optics from Nixon as well as no other brand equipment will be compatible. It’s not about brand loyalty, it’s about which brand you feel confident shooting with.

  3. Cost

    DSLR cameras are costly, but if you do your research, you can find deals and get lower prices. Especially if you’re on a budget, you might want to wait a bit for better deals to come up. It is definitely worth the wait if you want to get a specific model that you know it’s going to catapult your photography.

  4. Portability and Practicality

    It will probably take some time before DSLR become more compact, if ever. So you need consider how much of a nag it’s size and weight are for you.

    Will you feel comfortable carrying it around 24/7 given it’s so bulky and heavy?

  5. Warranties

    Since you will be spending a considerable amount of money, you might as well get some peace of mind. With a few—or more bucks you can extend your warranty options and time so that your camera and your pocket will stay protected.

  6. HD Video Features

    If you’re planning to use its video features more than its photography ones, then its video recording features need be considered. While the latest DSLR models have great HD video options, this brings into play other parameters such as memory size, add-ons, battery life and so on.

    DSLR cameras are an investment, that’s why doing your homework before purchasing one is essential. There are plenty of models of DSLR cameras out there, take some time and find the one most suited to your needs and financial capacities.

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