10+ Best Construction Website Design Examples & Inspirations

Score high-profile clients with an impressively professional and luxurious construction website. With lots of existing resources online, you can attract more leads to convert by learning from other’s best practices — to cook up the best website for the business. More than aesthetics, remember that functionality and user experience also matters. Without further ado, take a moment and absorb as much as you can from these 10+ Best Construction Website Design Examples & Inspirations to visit now.

10+ Best Construction Website Design Examples & Inspirations

1. cworks

cworks construction website design examples

Stunning in bright red, cworks plays around with geometric patterns with simple transitions in every scroll further down the page. They also implemented sans serif fonts which imply modern formality with professionalism on the side. Surely, one can place their trust in the team’s capable hands — services and quick company background were added in sections for further reading. Besides this, previous reputable clients were also listed down which can help strengthen their credibility in the industry.

2. VEC

VEC may seem like your usual professional website but their implementation of media materials in sections helps tell their story. Since people nowadays have a shorter attention span, reading may not be the first option for some. With this in mind, incorporating visual cues through photos and videos can help establish the business and allow people to get to know then eventually trust a business.

3. Acecon

acecon construction webs design examples

One of the best construction web design examples you can explore, Acecon wows us with its minimalist prowess. They put together a visually-appealing Montague of their previous projects — a showcase of the team’s talent and a sneak peek of what awaits the client. Through playing around with space and limiting colours to emphasize important copy and encourage a thorough understanding of how they see the projects they take on as extensions of their craft.

4. Keating

Quite professional, Keating has a media embedded on their website. This added a breath of life to the static website and offers a quick overview of what the business is about. Not only that, signals such as the downward arrow in their accent colour pop out and piques the interest of the reader. Furthermore, menu and call-to-action buttons are also limited to a few important ones which helped make learning more about the business less complicated on the customer end.

5. Hitachi

hitachi construction website design examples

More than being an established brand in the construction industry, Hitachi kept their website neat and straightforward. With less web copy and clutter, they put around minimal icons around the corners of the landing page. Besides this, they also added a tagline — reliable solutions — which directly communicates what they intend to deliver to their clients.

6. O’Neill & Brennan

A stunning website, O’Neill & Brennan has one of the best construction website examples you can take inspiration from. The sizeable brand name outright encourages brand recall and association to their headline which communicates what they do. Without further scrolling, they successfully were able to communicate it best that can benefit the business in the long run.

7. Hyperframe

hyperframe construction website design examples

Hyperframe has an impressively stunning website design in the construction industry.  With a dark background, their accent colours pop out more and were able to get the message across with less distraction. Besides this, scrolling further downs allow us to witness the seemingly static bars by the side shift and give quite an experience for us all.

8. CJS Builders

Cityscapes have never been prettier than when it is appreciated at night and CJS Builders know that. They added a timelapse cityscape with text overlay — communicating the business’ vision and how they aim to help clients bring their visions to life (figuratively and literally). More than this, they also gave a quiet background about what they do and incorporated small icons to represent the services they offer. This generally improves readability and gets the point across smoothly.

9. W.S. Cumby

ws cumby construction web design examples

Emphasizing their amazing track record, W.S. Cumby knows their assets and incorporated them to craft a website that’s uniquely theirs. They included sections with their previous projects and an overview of what working with them would be like. As if onboarding the client, their website easily establishes what to expect and filters lead to more feasible ones.

10. Wales Built

Wales Built has a laid-back feel that sure can attract more clients who are intimated by other traditional companies. Their choice of using bright and lively images also helps let the clients know what to expect and gives an overview of what services they deliver. Furthermore, the navigational bar on top allows quick links to whatever the client has in mind — to view previous projects, contact the business, or others.


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