10+ Best Construction Website Examples & Inspirations

Whether small-scale or large-scale constructions, businesses in this industry must best showcase their track record and meticulousness to establish credibility. Since there is huge money in construction — from designing, purchasing of materials, and actual building — working with a reputable company is one’s best option. Stand out from the crowd and gain leverage through your website. Here are 10+ Best Construction Website Examples & Inspirations that you can visit to get a few ideas to get started.

10+ Best Construction Website Examples & Inspirations

1. ADCO Construction

adco construction website design inspiration

With a strong reputation in the industry, ADCO Construction doesn’t need to hard sell the business as much. They focused on communicating their story and incorporating media photos and videos to walk the client into their journey over the years. Furthermore, this can help establish their authority and ensure that the customer builds a connection with the brand. Moreover, they also communicate their people-oriented values — which can speak and resonate with their target clients.

2. LZ Construction

Simple and straightforward, LZ Construction is a website design example you can get the essentials from. Surely, they maintained a website with a well-written copy to share the business’ background and what they can do for the clients. Furthermore, adding the navigational menu on top also encourages easy navigation from one page to another. Readability is also perfect since you don’t need a long time to absorb the message and retain the important parts.


pqrr construction website design examples

PORR has an immersive video embedded on its landing page. This adds to the client journey as one started to pick up bits of information about the business. Besides this, they crafted a quick menu to showcase different facets of the business. From their projects to insights, they sure have something interesting for different kinds of site visitors. Besides this, they also have a quick list of cities they worked with. This can give the client an idea of what areas they cater to.

4. Irpino Construction

Sophisticated in a sense, Irpino Construction is a go-to website design inspiration. They added a carousel banner of their previous interior projects which gives the client an overview of what they bring to the table. Besides this, their social accounts are also listed on the upper right for easy navigation. Moreover, they listed previous client testimonials and awards they received to establish their credibility as a contractor.

5. Skyline Construction

skyline construction website design inspiration

Skyline Construction has mastered the art of colour-blocking. They did it with such grace that their website looks well-balanced. Ideal for such business in the construction business, they managed to establish how particular they are to detail and added photos to show their capability. Besides this, there are all call-to-action buttons to trigger interaction and convert leads to paying clients on autopilot. The use of statistics also helped to assure the client of their track record in the business.

6. Madison Construction

Showcasing their versatility, Madison Construction took advantage of the banner carousel with snaps from their wide range of small-scale to large projects. This is followed by their business promise and assurance of impressive service to deliver. It also helped them to strengthen their copy with the use of quantifiable results from successful clients in the past. Call-to-action buttons are also present throughout the page.

7. Level Construction

level construction website design examples

Focused on building relationships with their clients and helping their clients build stronger relationships to benefit the business in the long run, Level Construction sure knows how impactful ambience and comfort can be in some industries. Since cater mostly to hospitality and retail businesses, their attention to detail and understanding of customer behaviour can help them come up with a remarkable design that fits your business model. Simple with less copy, their website focuses on quantifiable results and strategically placed call-to-action buttons.

8. Construction One

Construction One has a minimalist construction website design that’s neat and striking. The use of red as an accent colour over white background sure attracts attention. More than colour psychology, they added sections that communicate what the business does. They also maximized the skimmability of content by using bullets with hyperlinks to pages for more information. Brand partners in the past are also added along with testimonials to boost their trustworthiness.

9. Virtuz

virtuz construction website design example

Amazingly modern and sophisticated, Virtuz is all about aesthetics. They played around with colour contrast and patterns which gave a graceful appeal that was pleasing to the eye of the visitor. They also added icons to visually signal certain associations and encourage readers to continue learning about the company. Consistently, their menu bar on top remains as you scroll down — with the contact now button highlighted to trigger action.

10. CCC Chicago

CCC Chicago has a professional construction website design example with neat transitions between sections. Previous projects were also showcased along with background about each — giving you an idea about what to expect from the team. Besides these, you can also find quick links and contact details on the footer in case you’re looking for something specific.


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