10+ Best Contractor Website Design Examples & Inspirations

As a contractor, presenting the business in its prime can help encourage clients to put their trust and resources in you. Surely, one can do its best by coming up with an impressive website design that showcases what you can bring to the table. Surely, you can revamp your digital presence and improve your website further by getting ideas from these 10+ Best Contractor Website Design Examples & Inspirations to visit.

10+ Best Contractor Website Design Examples & Inspirations

1. Delta Millworks

Delta Millworks Contractor Website Examples

Delta Millworks wow us with immersive scenic video embedded on their landing page. Giving us an overview of their business along with their tagline, it’s sure hard to miss what their main message is. Besides limiting copy to just the headline, scrolling further shows us a clean section that features their featured projects. One can even read further by clicking the call-to-action button to show more information. In the end, there are quick links to important pages, contact information, and social media links to touch base with them.

2. Square Footage

Minimal yet impressively sophisticated, Square Footage understands its target market best. Their website kept it simple with monotonous colour and used only the images to add colours. Furthermore, the use of boxes allows them to separate one thought from another — keeping things interesting without taking up too much of the visitor’s time. Besides this, their web copy is prepared to be straight-to-the-point without much fuss in messaging.

3. Outdoor Dreams

Outdoor Dreams Contractor Website Examples

Outdoor Dreams has a stunning website that’s neat and professional. Perfect for high-value clients, they kept them light and airy which aligns with their branding — outdoor. They showcased previous projects on their website and strategically placed call-to-action buttons in each section. Moreover, the content is also readable since they kept it brief and in bullet format. To further build their business credibility, the use of testimonials received from happy clients benefited them.

4. Oslo Hill

Another best contractor website example, Oslo Hill has a surprising website. They used warm and cosy photos that appeal to what their target market desire — have a happy and comfortable home. With this, they kept their pricing upfront through readily available call-to-action buttons. Besides this, their play with different font sizes and colour blocking allowed them to easily tell their brand story — to get the vision across.

5. Blach Construction

Blach Construction Contractor Website

Blach Construction kept it traditional but with a modern twist. They take pride in their team and previous projects that they opted to showcase this more. Even with their copy, it’s written as if they’re inviting the visitor to join their community. Furthermore, they also emphasized their company story and values by adding sections to express this. The use of icons also signals association and directs the attention of the reader to understand the message more. Plus for readability and ease in navigation.

6. Artisan Custom Closets

With a bright and sunny website, Artisan Custom Closets encourage creativity and thinking beyond the box. Aligned with their business mission, they cater to custom requests and bring their client’s dreams to life. On their website, they showcase their portfolio and added sections to tell their story and their inspiration. Without further scrolling, they incorporated their lead form within the banner so the visitor can easily fill it out and get in touch with them.

7. DBI Landscape Group

DBI Landscape Contractor Website Inspirations

DBI Landscape Group is a good contractor website inspiration to add to this list. They showcase scenic clips of their previous projects which gives us a feel about their business and what calibre they are in. More than this, they also kept in mind to put everything essential within the landing page — without further scrolling, they have the important information in huge size and call-to-action buttons.

8. MBC

Showcasing their best projects, MBC prepared a landing page with a slideshow carousel. Each slide includes a short background about the project and an assigned call-to-action button for more information. Besides this, scrolling further gives you a chance to meet the team and see more of their best projects in the past. The use of the colour orange as an accent over white and navy base colours sure helped important buttons to pop out and pique the interest of the visitor to take action


Baswana Contractor Website Examples

Artisanal, Baswana has an exquisite website that sure emphasizes their passion, creativity, and commitment to each project. Although minimal in elements, they managed to execute the layout with a more luxurious and modern feel. This is something that can resonate best with premium clients. Besides this, they added professional shots of their projects for their gallery.

10. Oliver Freundlich

Oliver Freundlich has a modern website with a subtle sophisticated style. They played around with space and patterns which leaves a striking yet unconventional impression on the brand. Besides this, they kept their website without much clutter — putting only photos with short captions. To learn more about them, there are a few buttons on the upper right that you can explore.


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