Controlling Who Sees Your Group On Facebook

Facebook group lets you share different things with users who will care about them the most. You can set-up a group for different people in your life- your family, high school classmates, friends and co-workers. Once you have a group, you can post updates, chat with everyone at once and even poll the group. You can manage who views your Facebook group and its content through privacy option.

Depending on the nature of your group and the preference of the admin/s and its members, there are privacy options you can choose for your group. The Facebook group feature has three privacy options- open, closed and secret.

In an open group (public) anyone can see its members and contents. Moreover, any user can join or be added by a member and find the group in search.

Similarly, closed groups can be seen by anyonebut only members can view the contents of the group.On the other hand, only members can see the group, members and its content in a secret group. Additionally, anyone can join the group but they have to be added by a member. Its name is unsearchable for non-members.Follow this simple tutorial on how to change privacy settings of your group.

Steps (Groups with lesser than 250 people):

  1. Go to your group page and click the gear icon located at the top right portion.
  2. GearIconGroupFB

  3. Click Edit settings.
  4. EditGroupFB2

  5. Under the privacy section, choose a new group privacy option. You may choose either of these:
    1. Open: The public can see the group, the members and the posts.
    2. Secret: Only MEMBERS are able to see what’s in the group including members and posts.
    3. Closed: The public can see the group and the members except the posts.
  6. PrivacyOptGroupFB

  7. Press Save.
  8. SaveGroupFB

Things you need to know:

  1. Only the group admin can change the privacy option of the page.
  2. For groups with 250 members or more, you can only modify an Open group to Secret or Closed, and a Close group to Secret. After this, you won’t be able to modify the privacy setting again.

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