8 cool and free responsive themes for magento

Magento is an e-commerce platform for web and mobile that allows people to sell their stuff. Many online businesses are turning to use magento due to its popularity, ease of use and flexibility. Much like WordPress, it can also have custom themes for you to choose, and can also have a responsive design that fits any resolution (especially mobile devices and other gadgets) for better viewing of products and product lists in the site. In this article, we give some free and responsive themes for magento.

Here is the list of free and responsive themes for your online shop:



GMPD has a light and modern layout and design which makes it a great theme for magento. It might look simple but this is one of the best themes to start with.

2. Bootstrapped


This is a nice responsive theme with a simple but modern layout which is quite customizable.

3. SM Glasses


This theme is available for both free and paid versions. It has a sleek design that is perfect for stores that are selling glasses and other fashion items.

4. Mobile Shoppe


As the name implies, this theme is perfect for stores that sell mobile phones. It has many features such as image sliders and other customization features. It has a white background with a dash of black and green on headers.

5. Free Responsive magento Theme


This theme is great for any product, but it is preferably for food products. It has a white background with a color scheme of dark brown and red.

6. Foundation 3 Framework


This theme has a light color scheme, white background and a dash of light blue and gray. It has a corporate style and can be used for any type of magento e-commerce site.

7. Shoes Store


This magento theme is integrated with Bootstrap. As the name implies, it is perfect for magento stores that sell shoes. It has a white background and a dash of black and red on the menus and links.

8. JM Trex


JM Trex is a nice theme for magento e-commerce sites that sell bikes, bike parts and accessories, but it can also work with other related products (mostly sporting products). It has a black background with a few header colors and a nice image layout design.


magento e-commerce sites and shops can gain more market if they just have a better design, especially responsive so that even shoppers will be at ease when they use their mobile devices.

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