Cool Apps You Can Use To Combine Multiple Photos Into One

Here are some of my favorite free apps that I use to create collages and merge several photos in one single image.

1. Instacollage

  1. Available for Apple (iPhone/iPad/iPod) users.
  2. Requires iOS 4.3 or later
  3. Rating: 4+
  4. Reviews: Over 1,800 (as of may 2013)

Instacollage app

Instacollage is a great app you can use to create a picture collage and it’s free! The one thing I really like about this is I can load multiple photos at once(from the camera roll) without manually importing them one by one. If you often use this, I recommend you to buy the PRO version for only $0.99. Lots of cool features including unique layouts, amazing effects, borders and frames.

There’s also Instacollage on Android, but it’s a different one.

2. Pic Collage

  1. Available for Apple (iPad/iPod/iPhone) and Android (Samsung) users.
  2. Requires iOS 5.0 or later for Apple users.
  3. Rating: 5
  4. Reviews: Over 270 reviews

Create picture collage with pic collage app!

If you want to be extra creative, Pic Collage is for you. It has the same features as Instacollage including selecting multiple photos at once, adding text, changing layouts, etc. Tons of backgrounds, styles and stickers to choose from!

It’s unique features are:

  1. You can import pictures from your camera roll, Facebook and Instagram account.
  2. You are able to share edited photos to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagramprofile.

3. Moldiv

Moldiv is the same as the two apps mentioned above but this one is the best. The one thing that really attracts me is its UI design. The app’s design actually looks professional, which differs from most photo collage apps.

Moldiv App for Creating Photo Collage

You can:

  1. Adjust the frame
  2. Change the frame background
  3. Add text using awesome fonts and effects
  4. Add cute stickers/stamps
  5. You can share your edited picture to: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, other apps and save it to your Camera Roll.

Moldiv is currently available for Apple users only.

Other collage apps you can use are:

  1. Photo Collage
  2. FrameFree
  3. Instaframe
  4. Picstitch (my very first collage app!)

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