How To: Create Facebook Fan Page For Your Business

Why should you create a fan page?

If you are planning to start an online business or have already started one, then it would be useful to know that Facebook offers a feature which could greatly help you promote your business. This would be through creating a fan page. Today, Facebook continues to be one of the most popular social media websites all over the globe. Many people use it not only for personal reasons but for business purposes as well.

Some of the features that Facebook has which could use for marketing your business would be through group creation, social ads, banners ads and fan page creation. If you have a budget, you could go with posting social ads and banner ads, however, for those who have a very limited or no budget, then creating a fan page would be your best option.

A business fan page generally functions just like the regular profile page of a Facebook member. You would be able to post some general information about your business such as the products or services that you are offering, along with your company’s website and contact information. You could also upload relevant pictures, add useful links and post videos which might be of interest to your target market. Through having a Facebook fan page, you would be able to reach out to more individuals from all walks of life, giving you an opportunity to promote your company to a wider audience.

Your fans would also have the chance to post on your wall, participate in discussions, leave comments and share videos and links which could be of value and interest to other fans of your company in business. These could easily create a buzz around your fan page, which could promote your brand worldwide. Fans could also share your business fan page easily through suggesting the page to their own friends, which could create a viral effect, spreading your brand name to even more people.

You can also import your blog into your Facebook fan page, so you can make sure that as you post new blog entries, your fan page would also have some fresh content for your fans. Some other widgets that you can import on to your fan page would include Picasa and Flickr.

How to Create a Fan page on Facebook

  1. If you do not have a personal account with Facebook yet, then create one first. You could then go to
  2. Once you are taken to the beginning page, you could choose what you are promoting. If you are promoting your company or business, then select your industry. If you are promoting your brand or product, then choose that option and then select the industry of your brand or product. After filling out the required fields, click on “Get Started”.
    create facebook fan page
  3. Once the page is created, you will be asked to upload your picture. Make sure that the picture is related to your company, such as your logo or a picture of your product. Check the thumbnail version to make sure that the picture is centered before saving it.
  4. Then you will be asked to write something about your company. Enter some essential details about your company, such as your address, phone number and hours of operation. After adding and editing your information, click on the “Save Info” button.
  5. Your fan page is created! You could then try starting a new discussion topic, add more photos, post events, notes, reviews and other forms of media which are relevant to your company or business.

By following these simple steps, you would be able to create your very own business fan page which would surely contribute a lot to your marketing campaign.

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