How-to: Create Your Own Facebook Fan Page

A fan page on Facebook (a.k.a Facebook Business Page) is a great means of promotion for your business as you can get a huge audience with ease. You can add attractive photographs and interesting content to make your page more appealing.

Here’s How to Setup a Facebook Business page:

  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. In your Homepage you will notice the ‘Create a page’ option on the left side of your screen. Click on it. If there’s none, Simply click here or go to for an easy access.
  3. You can select from 6 options to create a page as per your requirements. The options are: ‘Local Business or Place’, ‘Entertainment’, ‘Cause or Community’, ‘Company, Organization or Institution’, ‘Brand or Product’ and ‘Artist, Band or Public Figure’.
    select fan page category
  4. Whenever you select any option, you will notice a text box mentioned as ‘Choose a category’ followed by a drop down arrow. Click on the arrow.
  5. Select the appropriate category and enter the name of your business/fan page. enter the name of your facebook business page
  6. Tick on the checkbox to agree with the Facebook page terms and click “Get Started” button.
  7. Fill up the form to setup your page (you may also skip and edit later if you wish) and you’re done!

Guide on Setting Up Your Fan Page:

You will be asked to add a description, website URLs, profile picture, your unique Facebook web address, and enabling ads. Now let’s see what these are exactly for. Here’s a screenshot:

Setting Up Your Facebook Fan Page Page Details

  1. Adding Description + Website URLs: Adding appropriate and relevant description will definitely help improve the ranking of your page in search.
  2. Uploading a profile picture: You wouldn’t want a boring profile right? Adding a photo related to your niche will make your page a little more interesting! You can either upload the picture from your computer or import it from another website.
  3. Creating a unique Facebook username (a.k.a. Facebook web address): Adding a unique username would make it easier for people to access your organization or business on Facebook. Here’s my unique fan page URL: – short and easy to remember, right?
  4. Enabling Ads: Now you will be asked to enable ads. Ad is a great way to fund your page and increase your audience.
  5. All done! You will find several options on your page. Go through all of them and choose the option that is beneficial for your page.

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