Creating A Facebook Group

A Facebook group is a powerful tool that allows users with shared interest to have closer interaction. The social network offers groups for just about anything under the sun, such as music, sports, movies, charities, and many more. You can create a Facebook group by doing these easy steps:


  1. Find the Groups section in your homepage. This can be found at the left panel just below Favorites.
  2. Click Create a Group.
  3. Cr8GroupFB

  4. Type in your preferred group name, members, privacy settings (open, closed or secret) at the pop-up box then press Create.
  5. NewGRoupFB

  6. You will be directed to the group’s page once the group is created. You can add group description or group picture, set a group email address, or manage members. To do this, click the gear icon then Edit Group Settings.
  7. EditGroupFB

Things you need to know:

  1. There’s a difference between groups and pages. A group, which can be created by anyone, is a closed place for small groups of people with shared interests. On the other hand, a page, which is created and managed by official representatives, allows businesses, organizations, brands and celebrities to communicate with their fans.
  2. There are three privacy options available for groups:
    1. Open

      In an open group, anyone can join or be added by a member and find the group in search. In addition, any user can see the group’s name, members, posts and stories about the group.

    2. Closed

      Closed groups are similar to open groups except that only members can see posts in the group.

    3. Secret

      In a secret group, anyone can join the group but they have to be added by a member. Moreover, only members can see the group’s name, members, posts, and stories about the group. The name of the group is unsearchable for non-members.

  3. Group members must be added or approved by other members. Some features are limited when a group gets to a certain size.
  4. Group members can participate in photo and document sharing as well as chats. They may also invite group members who are friends to group events.

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