How To Create And Use Twitter Lists

Twitter list is not a new feature. You might have heard about it already, but if not, then we can help you and guide you through it so that you can use them to their fullest potential. Twitter lists simply means organizing your followers and other tweeters. Same as Facebook lists, you can categorize them according to your relationships, so you can check the entire collection of tweets without having to look through your home page or their profiles one by one. It could save a lot of your time and make you organize things more precisely.


Creating Lists

  1. Open your Twitter account and go to your Profile Page. It can be found on the left panel of your screen, you can click on your name to view your profile.
  2. Once a new page loads, you will find four choices on the same panel on the left, namely: Following, Followers, Favorites, and Lists. Click on ‘Lists’.
  3. Click the ‘Create List’ button and type down the name of the list, then click on ‘Save’.

Another way you can do this is to click the ‘Gear’ icon (the same one you use to log out) and click on ‘Lists’. Follow the same directions written.

Adding Members on the Lists

  1. First, go to the profile of the person you’re going to add.
  2. Click on the ‘profile icon’ which is just beside the ‘Following’ button. Click on it. From then, you can select ‘Add or Remove from lists…’ to add the person on the list you created.

Other things you need to know:

  1. You can create lists all by yourself but let us warn you about the restrictions:
    1. You can’t create more than 20 lists
    2. Each list can contain up to 500 people
  2. Twitter for Windows and Mac has different interface, but you can use the same process on each one of them when you try to create lists.

Sometimes, you might think of many good reasons to split up your big lists into small fractions but couldn’t find the ideas to separate them as you don’t have any names for them yet. You can find lots of people according to their category and keep them in your list so that reading their tweets can be more organized.

It takes much more time for any person to get used with the features and functionalities of the Twitter to enjoy it to the fullest. But once you get used to it and know the ways you can use them, you’ll feel the most interesting things happening around you on one of the biggest social media sites.

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