10 Tips for Creating Quality Social Media Content

Social media is not just a platform for personal expression. It’s a powerful marketing tool that can be used to generate leads, increase brand awareness, and reach new customers.

Let’s look at some brilliant ideas for creating stellar content that will have your audience engaged and coming back:

Be Consistent

Optimize your content, so it’s consistent across channels. Be careful not to publish duplicate material on different platforms at the same time.

Consistency helps to keep your followers looking forward to what you will post next. However, some people may find this option challenging because they may run out of ideas. A content calendar helps with overcoming this challenge. When posting for social media, it is advisable to create content in advance and then schedule it for posting at specific times.

If you find it challenging to have a consistent creation, you can outsource. There are reputable social media professionals that are always ready to help you with the task. They write effective guidelines on the discussion for gaining and maintaining your visibility.

Use Images 

A great photo will steal the attention of your followers faster than any text will ever do. Most people love engaging with visual and audio content. For these channels, using images is a huge benefit. 

Use quality images that reflect your message to your audience. Do not feel shy to seek help from gurus who know their way around these platforms if you are not confident about using the image. Angelina Grin is among the best professionals that are resourceful with image selections that will bring you leads.

Another great way of making sure your images work is optimizing them for SEO and using the relevant hashtags. This way, you will reach a broader audience and with a high engagement rate.

We always try and stay away from stock images as you never know who else may be using them. Creating your own images, infographics and taking your own photos often goes a lot further as it shows realness,” comments Ruban Selvanayagam of UK-based homebuyers Property Solvers

Share What You Know 

Sharing personal stories about yourself or your company will make you more relatable and human to your audience. This can lead to increased customer loyalty. People love engaging with brands that understand them.

Instead of trying so hard to become something you are not, try being authentic. It is easy to diverge into doing what other users are doing, especially if it’s attracting huge attention. But, will it be helpful to your business by attracting the audience you are targeting?

When you share something you have personal experience with, it is easy to create valuable content. 

Promote and Distribute Content

Keep in mind that a vast number of social media users are targeting the same audience as you. This reason is enough for you to make sure you promote your posts. Also, distribute them across different channels.

Another great way of distributing your posts is by adding sharable buttons. These can be added to your blog, newsletter, and your social channels too. Your content must be engaging to prompt your audience to share it with their friends.

Have a clear strategy for how you are going to promote and distribute your posts. Know when to post and how often you have to post. This prevents annoying your audience with too many posts or by keeping them waiting for long.

Add a Call to Action

Let your audience know you want them to act after seeing your post. That is, after enjoying engaging with what you have shared, let them not leave unsure of what to do with the information you share.

A call to action may include different actions depending on what you want your followers to do. You can:

  • Ask them to help share your content
  • Direct them to a landing page
  • Request them to sign up for your business newsletter

Let your call to action feel natural. If you sound too aggressive, your readers may feel as if you are coercing them and leave without taking action.

Keep it Short

Unlike blog and e-book readers, social media users are thrilled by short and simple posts. If it is too long, most of them abandon the post and scroll for the next. Keep your followers glued to your page by delivering your message in short and simple posts.

If you feel like you have more words to make your post more sensible, you can consider using bullet points. These make a post look short and keeps people reading.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the language you use on these posts. Even if they are short, they should use a simple language anyone can understand. People do not appreciate messages that they have to waste time trying to figure out what you mean. So keep it simple and casual.

Be Positive

Being positive is not the same as entertaining your followers. It means you remain optimistic, and you share inspiring stories. When you are positive, you look professional, and people become interested in engaging with you.

One mistake people make is criticizing their competitors in public after gaining a good following. It is better to avoid such discussions on your wall. Instead of criticizing and bullying other users, consider sharing helpful texts.

Define Your Audience

Of course, you cannot target all social media users. You have to create a persona of who you want your content to reach. Take your time to see the group which what you are trying to sell will help most.

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to know who to sell to when you are new to social media marketing. Instead of letting this challenge let you down, consider looking at those engaging with your posts. Categorize them according to age, gender, and spending patterns.

Focus on the majority group as they are likely to be your consumers.

Use Infographics

We mentioned earlier that users on social channels prefer visuals more. When the visuals are backed up with data, readers become more confident about the information. With infographics, you create appealing and straightforward content.

What’s more interesting about using infographics is you don’t need to be a graphics expert. You can use tools that have been designed for making this work easier.

When using infographics, make sure they are relevant to what you are delivering. Use up-to-date data and ensure the headline relates to what you are talking about.

Conduct Contests

Users of different social channels, especially Facebook and Instagram, are intrigued by contests. You can choose to have a media upload where your fans post their best photos, memes, recipes, and other stuff.

To keep them motivated, have a reward for the winner. Because they want to compete and beat their friends, your followers will share this type of content with a lot of people. 

Conducting contests once in a while is a smart way of increasing your engagement. However, make sure your contests are enticing by having amazing rewards. No one wants to invest their energy and time in something they won’t enjoy in the long run.

Why are you not creating engaging social media content yet? If you have not been using these tips, it is time for you to change your approach. Enjoy having increased engagement and more leads with the content you share on these channels. Use these tips and see why people call social media is a goldmine for their businesses.

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