10 Top Most Creative Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Adobe Illustrator is one of the best computer programs for graphic designers as it allows them to make elaborate drawings and create technical illustrations. It comes with plenty of drawing and painting tools that can enhance your creation. If you know Photoshop, then it’ll be easier for you to use Illustrator.

This article will provide you a collection of 10 fresh and best Adobe Illustrator tutorials. They’re made by expert graphic designers. They’ll teach you how to use and maximize each feature of the program, such as stroke options, path editing, precise positioning, live tracing, and more. You’ll also learn how to make creative color effects, like live distortion and 3D.

With these tutorials, you can work more efficiently. Through the program’s in-panel appearance, your productivity increases when it comes to editing.

So, here’s a list of the best tutorials in 2013. Make sure that you’ve already installed Illustrator in your computer.

1. Creating A Vector Microwave Oven Illustration by Andrei Marius

It utilized the Appearance panel, custom pattern and Pathfinder panel found in the program. It involves 50 steps to complete the design. If you want to know more about how to create shapes using pathfinder panel, then this tutorial is an ideal choice. The source files for the tutorial are only available to premium members but you can easily look into the step-by-step instructions through its website.

2. Creating Students Desk In Top View With The Use Of Simple Shapes And Textures by Ali

If your project includes creating of a desk in a top view, then this could help you get started. In here, you’ll maximize the rectangle and ellipse tools. You’ll also learn how to use texture to make the desk and the floor. According to the creator, this is ideal for beginners. You only have to follow 23 steps to complete the design. This tutorial utilizes Adobe Illustrator CS and its estimated completion time is about an hour.

3. Feisty Female Vampire by Yulia Sokolova>

Thanks to Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, vampire is in. This tutorial will show you the steps on how to draw a vampire and her pet. It utilizes a vintage portrait illustration that includes the grungy elements of this program. The author will teach you how to move from sketch to final vector using gradients, pen tool, etc. What’s good thing about it is that it only involves 7 steps.

4. Realistic Icon by Iaroslav Lazunov

This tutorial is useful if you need to create a folder icon for your own project. It includes several techniques, like 3D modeling and creating shadows and highlights. It’s designed for both beginners and advanced users. To complete the design, you may need to have the plug-ins of Astute Graphics. They’ll help in finishing the tutorial as easy and comfortable as possible.

5. Semi-Realistic Graphics Tablet by Andrei Marius

It uses CS5 and can be completed within 90 minutes. In here, you’ll create a semi-realistic graphics tablet. It uses the basic tools and effects of Illustrator, as well as the Round Any Corner script. This is also an ideal tutorial if you wish to know how to properly use Warp effects and complex gradients or blending options in adding depths to the shapes. It involves 28 steps.

6. Simple Ticket

This teaches you how to create a perfect ticket shape using a simple grid. In here, you’ll learn how to use strokes, effects and multiple fills in the Appearance panel. You’ll also learn the process of adding several pieces of text and multiplying the tickets. Overall, the tutorial covers the following topics: transform techniques, appearance panel and the basic tools and effects. Depending on your learning speed, you can finish it within 45 minutes.

7. Coffee Cup Mockup by Cheryl Graham

It’s designed for beginners. It doesn’t utilize ray-tracing of a 3D application. Rather, it uses the sophisticated feature of 3D effects of Illustrator. This tutorial gives you an opportunity to create a mockup for your clients. With it, they can easily visualize how their logo will appear like in different scenarios.

8. Conceptual Portrait by Helen Huang

It’s designed for advanced users. But if you’re a beginner, you can still learn from this tutorial. It focuses on the scribble effect of Adobe Illustrator. In this tutorial, you’ll know the process on how to create a vector illustration just by using the sketchy style of CS4. The completed results can be modified, thus, creating your own design. All in all, it involves 16 steps.

9. Chrome Text

It’s one of the simple, classic designs that you can apply to your project. In here, you’ll learn how to create retro chrome text effect. Bright highlights can be achieved using different gradients. You’ll use Photoshop to finish the design. Chrome effect is a popular effect used in the 80s and 90s.

10. Colorful Logo Style Icon

This tutorial gives you techniques in creating colorful logo style icon. It’s one of the popular designs in the area of logo designing. The abstract 3D shape uses different tools and techniques in Illustrator. The graphic is enhanced using the shading elements, inner glow effect and gradients of CS. To start using this tutorial, you must have at least basic knowledge of Illustrator.

Most of these tutorials were taken from vector.tutsplus.com. However, you can browse other websites that feature tutorials on how to maximize the tools of Illustrator. These tutorials can be used in various designing projects, be they website or apps. You just need to be creative to make your designs more appealing to your audience.

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