5 Unique And Creative Designs For A Birthday Invitation

Birthdays are one of the best times of the year and that’s why we have to prepare a good invitation design for it. Many invitations are often made exquisitely and formally, but nowadays, there is a need to be unique especially when everything has already been done. You have to think for a different but great way of making a birthday invitation that fits the celebrant very well, yet still out-of-the-box with its concept.

List of creative birthday invitation designs

With that said, here are 5 of the best, unique and creative birthday invitations to get you started:

Golden Ticket / Willy Wonka Invitation

Children love chocolates, so here is a way to spice up the fun: preparing a Willy Wonka-themed invitation with a Golden Ticket! Kids and parents alike are sure to be astounded with the uniqueness of your theme.

Lego Birthday Party Invitation

If you are working on a boy’s birthday, then having a lego-themed design is quite creative! The circles are just popped up and it is somehow easy to make. In fact, popup cards are always attractive to any audience.

Swan Birthday Party Invitation

This is designed for girls, especially those who are celebrating their debut. It is quite easy to make because it is just a simple cutout. You will just need a harder material for the paper so that it does not tear off easily.

CD Jacket Birthday Party Invitation

If you are looking for something for the adults or the oldies, then a nice CD pack-themed invitation might do. All you will need are hard paper materials and some nice typography. People will think that you are selling CDs but you are actually giving birthday invitations. It looks pretty neat, huh?

Confetti Invitation

This one is totally unique, as it makes use of a party popper or a confetti popper as an invitation card. When it pops out, it reveals the invitation details like the location of the party and date. It works not just for birthday parties but also for weddings, baby showers and the like.


Making a unique and creative birthday invitation design might be a bit challenging, but with the help of these ideas for inspiration, you are sure to get motivated.

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