25 Examples Of Creative And Unique Food Packaging Designs

No matter what industry you are in, packaging is very important to create a positive and memorable brand.

Everyone needs to be unique and to stand out from the pack. Packaging speaks a lot about your products whether you like it or not.

It may either send the right kind or the wrong kind of signal.

Therefore, if you’re going to create a package, let it be the package that you can be proud of saying it is yours.

If you’re in the process of creating your own packaging, then it will be great to do it the right way. However, you might be lacking some inspiration or insight to identify what type of packaging you need.

These items will surely help you spark bright and creative ideas.

1. Festina Watches


This water-proof watch brand takes its claim to the extreme as they present their products inside a bag of water.

2. Medicom Pharma


Nobilin is a medicine for proper digestive absorption. At the back of the package is an image of animals which are a common source of meat products. As you remove the pills from the package, you are like targeting these heavy foods.

3. Chandon


Champaign is packaged with a brilliant blue and elegant packaging.

4. Maison Dandoy


The elegant design of Maison Dantoy is one of the reasons that this product is always the best-selling.

5. Note


This line of head set is definitely a creative way to cut cost in packaging.

6. Mighty Rice


Rice has its new face with the help of the beautiful packaging of this product.

7. Eggshell Pudding


This package comes with pudding placed in real eggshells.

8. Rokeriet


The packaging of this product reflects the conventional method of how salmon is smoked and preserved.

9. NYC Spaghetti


The New York Empire State Building is turned into raw spaghetti noodles.

10. Wild


Wild is a product line that sells different types nuts such as almonds, lemon peel, pine nuts, cashew nuts, pineapple, lemongrass, ginger, pumpkin seeds, pistachio, and many others.

11. Thelma’s


Ordinary packaging is turned into an oven with delicious treats inside.

12. Honeycomb


The packaging is made with honeycomb-looking paper.

13. Ollie’s coffee bean


Coffee beans can be extra tempting with this sack of whole beans.

14. Scanwood


Produced by Denmark’s largest producer of wooden kitchen utensils, they want to make a point to their customers that their products are all natural and environmental friendly.

15. Nike Air


Nike added a literal “air” element in their products as they packaged the shoes in an air-tight plastic bag.

16. Choka Blok


Ice cream can now be enjoyed even if you have not opened the container yet. Choka Blok has a near-realistic picture of the ice cream on top of container – giving the effect as if the container is already opened.

17. Japanese Cookie


The package has a picture of a man with an afro hair but the hair portion is transparent so that the color of the cookie gives the black color for the hair.

18. Nail Packaging


This package transforms ordinary looking nails into sleek and upbeat product.

19. Po-Up Popcorn


The package originally is flat but as you put the corn into the oven, it will expand along with the popping of the corn.

20. St. Olive


St. Olive’s packaging is superbly clean black and amazingly stylish.

21. Chip Ship


The package resembles a rocket ship ready to launch.

22. Honey Packaging by Klein Constantia


The package is like a bee hive from a bee farm. A picture of bee is peeping through the small rectangular hole. As you open the package, more bees are inside.

23. Smirnoff


The bottle can be peeled, which gives an impression as if you are peeling a fruit.

24. Butter! Better!


The cover of the container is multi-functional. Aside from being a cover, the handle can be used as a spoon to scope the butter.

25. Doritos Concept


Doritos comes with this ingenious diagonal packaging.

Most of these companies can testify that they owe most of their sales on the packaging of their products. As you browse our list, I am sure that you now realize the vital role played by packaging.

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