10 Best CRM for Wedding Photographers

Photographs have been an essential part of any celebration. It immortalizes the precious moments that we can cherish for a lifetime. This is why knowing which CRM for wedding photographers is an efficient way to maximize your time, resources and ensure you don’t overlook potential clients. However, with a lot of innovative solutions for wedding photographers in the market, it’s easy to get lost.

So, to help you choose the right CRM platform for you, here are some of the best applications for wedding photographers and other professionals in the events industry.

10 Best CRM for Wedding Photographers

1. Honeybook

CRM apps for wedding plannersHoneybook is a CRM that assists entrepreneurs, freelancers, and wedding photographers by managing projects, booking more clients and arranging payments all in one platform. This app can automate the leg work which allows you to save time and focus on growing your business. In addition to that, this business management software is cloud-based, allowing users to access everything about their business anytime, anywhere. To simply put, Honeybook acts as a personal assistant for small business owners and solopreneurs. This platform is ideal as well for graphic designers, DJs, coaches, web designers, consultants, florists, caterers, health and wellness professional, and so much more!

2. Dubsado

CRM for wedding plannersStreamline your business without the heavy lifting by letting Dubsado help you. This web-based business management software can help you build and maintain relationships, schedule appointments, and create efficient workflows to help you boost your business. Dubsado has a wide range of features and tools that keeps you from using multiple tabs. This way, you can save more time and generate more profit. It has customizable templates for questionnaires, proposals, branding and more. In addition to that, it also helps you cut out repetitive work by replacing it with an automated function. As a result, you can stay organized, book more clients easily and stay on top of your business.

3. 17Hats

CRM for soloprenuers and small businessesA bundle of tasks can slow you down so using 17hats. This cloud-based CRM is ideal for photographers, event planners, writers, coaches and more. It gives you more momentum and lessens your work so you can focus on other aspects to expand your business. Additionally, 17hats uses the power of automation so the long lists of tasks can be cut down. As a result, you and your team can gain more and experience less overlooked tasks and opportunities. 17hats has a free trial version which allows you to enjoy the benefits without costing you a fortune.

4. StudioNinja

CRM fo wedding photographersYou’ll never go wrong with the highest rated platform like Studio Ninja. This platform assists photographers from all over the world to set more appointments and remove all the stress that comes with it. Aside from that, it helps you in managing leads, tacking shooting schedules, invoices, quotes, contracts, monitor workflows, and so much more. This cloud-based solution is best for photographers can also be used with small businesses, sole traders, and entrepreneurs.

5. Sprout Studio

CRM for wedding photographersSprout Studio provides refreshing yet intuitive design for photographers and other creative professionals. This CRM for wedding photographers can help you collect leads from your website, keep your workflow organized while booking clients with ease and elegance. Apart from that, Sprout Studious allows you to create online galleries, customise your albums and layout for clients, design gorgeous emails and more. Not to mention, how unique this platform is because it allows users to run multiple projects all at the same time. To simply put this platform will help you with your marketing needs as well.

6. Pixifi

wedding photographers' app

Pixifi offers a simple yet powerful interface to help wedding photographers with online appointments, schedules, calendars and so much more. This cloud-based platform is ideal for photographers who need an effective way to track their clients without too much legwork. Additionally, Pixifi offers a wide ride of free templates for proposals, contracts, emails and more. Truly, one of the best management software for modern creatives!

7. Bloom

wedding photographers' platform

If you’re looking for one shop for all photography solutions, Bloom is the CRM software you are looking for. This app is ideal for both solopreneurs and larger businesses. Bloom is renowned as the only application that provides marketing-focused solutions. In addition to that, Bloom offers redefined features that include website and image delivery. A live-chat feature is available as well which can help you engage a new client and maintain relationships with existing ones. In this platform, you track and create as many workflows as you require while maintaining an eagle eye view for all your tasks and projects. This way, you can avoid missed payments and opportunities that may come along your way.

8. Flowlu

CRM for creatives

Flowlu is a project management and financial tracking program for photographers and other creative related businesses. This platform helps you remote access all of your company’s projects and tasks. In addition to that, expenses, reports, and invoicing are all automated with this cloud-based platform. Flowlu’s team task manager, while not specifically for photography, allows you to delegate tasks by project, priority, due date, or assignee. With that, it can still potentially serve photographers and other creative professionals. In fact, Flowlu caters to over 25,000 companies in 120 different countries.

9. Tave

app for wedding photographersTáve has excellent client management solutions that can assist you in structuring and building your business so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy. This platform is highly customizable for photographers and can integrate with your other existing tools. In addition to that, it offers advanced accounting capabilities to help you gain more time for your business and hobbies. Online galleries are accessible as well so you can enhance your custom-brand driven galleries. It also provides you with a sample workflow such as for weddings to give you a better grasp of how to run and keep your business streamlined.

10. StudioCloud

platform for wedding photographers

StudioCloud helps wedding photographers by allowing clients to book a schedule online. This saves a lot of time for photographers so they can focus on other aspects of their services as well. StudioCloud is also customizable which can be designed to serve your business type. This platform enables staff management along with lead generation. More importantly, StudioCloud is user-friendly so anyone can navigate it easily and seamlessly.

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