10+ Best CRM for Wedding Planners

It’s hard to commit mistakes especially for grand and momentous chapters in a couples’ life. That’s why it’s essential to have the right customer relationship management system for wedding planners. This innovation can do the heavy lifting of facets such as logistics for you allowing you to focus your energy and knowledge on what matters most – the actual planning itself. It requires a lot of creativity and time so you don’t want to put yourself at risk of fatigue. So, to help you decide which is the best suitable wedding planning apps & softwares for you, check out this list of overview.

10+ Best CRM / Management System for Wedding Planners

1. 17Hats

CRM for soloprenuers and small businesses

Providing a single hub for proposals, contractors, communication with 17hats. This platform is perfect for solopreneurs and startups as it replaces your tedious patchwork of spreadsheets, invoices, ticky notes, and file folders with efficient and powerful features. Enjoy more momentum as you decrease your workload. This means no more pen and paperwork including printing, filing, calendaring daily. Additionally, you can have more time with other matters by harnessing the power of automation and infusing it with your daily tasks. This also leads to a reduction of missed opportunities, therefore, leading to more joy and profit.

2. Dubsado

Dubsado offers an entire suite of solutions all within the reach of your fingertips. It helps businesses stay in motion using powerful features such as streamlining your appointments, build relationships, and monitor projects from start to finish. Additionally, it has built-in templates for contracts, forms, questionnaires, proposals, adhering to your unique branding. This enables business owners to save time and get paid faster and on time. Communication is vital in any kind of business, both outbound and inbound which can be achieved with an easier booking process. As a result, you can stay on track with your finances leading to more profits and close more clients. Dubsado is ideal for photographers, events and wedding planners, coaches, marketers, legal professionals, and more.

3. Honeybook

CRM apps for wedding planners

Be in total control of your project with Honeybook’s simple yet efficient features. This platform has end-to-end project tracking that allows you to be on track with your company’s progress as well as your customers’ behavior. Honeybook has multiple templates you can choose from so your proposals and contracts will have a uniform and enticing appeal. It can be integrated with your existing tools as well. Therefore, enables you to maintain your ecosystem prior to acquiring this tool. Honeybook is trusted by many creative professionals including events planners, photographers, and more. Experience how this platform can be beneficial for you with its free trial option.

4. Freedcamp

CRM apps for wedding planners

It doesn’t matter where you work, Freedcamp will be at the center of it all. Be it planning weddings, organizing a school trip or whatnot, the simple yet effective features this platform has will enable you to maximize your business potential. It is powered by Kanban board and Gantt Chart which allows you to be on top of everything that’s going on with the business. Freedcamp offers a bird’s eye view especially for events and creative professionals as it requires rigorous multitasking. You don’t come across apps for wedding planners this powerful. And the best part about this app? It’s free. Yes! You read that right. So what are you waiting for? Plan, discuss, and achieve so much more with Freedcamp!

5. The Refine Portal

The Refine Portal is a completely customizable client management platform, built for wedding planners, created by and updated by a team of active wedding planners that are still in it. With all the planning tools you need, integrated into Google Drive, couples are given a platform they already know how to use. They actually use it and meet their deadlines. With the Refine Portal, you to own your tools with no blackouts, interruptions, or maintenance. There is a backend for planners, as well as client-facing tools for couples. Unlike other CRMs, the Refine Portal provides all the questions you need to ask a client or vendor, meeting agendas, checklists, and more. Highly intelligent formulations and progress automation reduce duplicative work, resulting in less email and more efficient, expedited communication. The Portal is proven to increase sales and effortlessly reinforces expectations and policies to clients and team members alike.

6. Momento Weddings

wedding planner software

Momento Weddings can be your best friend! One of the most intuitive CRM apps specialised for wedding planners, this platform offers tools to help you organize, plan, and monitor every aspect of a wedding. The application allows attendees to review all the wedding details, accommodation, weather forecast, gift registry and so much more! This efficient app is readily accessible for a mobile app as well making it convenient for all.

7. SimplyBook.me

CRM for wedding planners

If you want to get a full-featured booking website, or a widget for your own website, Simplybooking.me could be your best choice. This application is the most comprehensive online booking system available which makes you look professional and always at your best. Promote your business, accept appointments, sell products, increase memberships, send loyalty rewards and more. You can do all this while doing what is required. You can also customize your website using this app and is perfect for florists, wedding planners, health and wellness professionals, and so much more.

8. Acuity Scheduling

software for wedding planners

If you’re looking for a personal scheduling assistant, who works behind the scenes to fill your calendar and take care of the mundane tasks, Acuity Scheduling is one of the CRM apps for weddings planners perfect for you. This application is there for you and your clients from the minute they book with you. Additionally, it can assist you with sending branded and personalised booking confirmations, SMS reminders, allowing clients to reschedule on their own, and processing payments or accepting donations.

9. Scoro

app for event planners

Manage your whole workflow from a single location with Scoro. This cloud-based application has all of the tools you’ll need to run your business effectively. These include project management, work scheduling and tracking, task boards and lists, contact database and CRM, pricing and billing, comprehensive reporting, and real-time dashboards. As a result, you can enjoy a hassle-free workload. That’s why apps for wedding planners like this can also be ideal for other industries such as professional services firms, consulting agencies, and more. Now, you can ditch your multiple tools for varying tasks!

10. WedPlanner Pro

This web-based platform is another app ideal for professional wedding planners. It has features that allow social media promotion, gamification, and more. In addition to that,  this app will help planners gain more insights with its built-in tops and tricks and a list of suggestions for weddings you will handle. This app is customizable so it can look and. feel like your own inbox!

11. FunctionFox

CRM app for event managment

You will definitely feel comfortable using an app that is made for you. FunctionFox is established by the same breed of creatives as wedding planners are. As a result, you can enjoy the simple yet efficient tools that feel second nature to you. It offers real-time trackers for project estimates and expenses. This way, you can avoid budget overruns and you are enabled to drill down details of every project from planning to completion. This application has been helping creative businesses for over 20 years so you are assured to be in good hands.

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