9 sweet cupcake web designs for inspiration

In the past few years, the popularity of cupcake business is increasing every year. You can shop everywhere, from large cities to small towns. To attract more customers, owners of this type of business are putting up a website.

If you’re planning to create a website for your cupcake business, you must make sure that your cupcake or bakery-related website is more creative than your competitor’s. On the other hand, if you’re looking to change your entire site but you’ve no clue as to how you can modify it, then these web designs for cupcake can give you some inspiration.

With a delicious-looking website, you can make your visitors to stick longer to your site. On this list, you’ll find appetizing cupcake web designs. Get inspired!

1. Cake Sweet Cake


It’s elegant, chic store site for cakes and anything sweet. With light blue-colored background and pink cake, it’ll surely attract your customers and compel them to visit your site. The cupcake craze goes on to its buttons and footer. And don’t forget the attention-grabbing photos of the pastries.

2. Magnolia Bakery


This cupcake site of Magnolia Bakery will grab your attention through its striking color scheme of white and blue. It also includes wider layout and bigger cupcake pictures that make your mouth water. The main page has information that you need to know regarding the products of Magnolia.

3. Ooh So Scrumptious


Bigger pictures of the cupcakes are showcased in a bigger image slider making you want to try them out immediately. The overall design is very simple yet it’s very attractive. It’s also a responsive site that easily adapts to smartphone and tablet. All in all, it keeps up with the latest trend.

4. Call For Cake


Its design is too girlish with light pink as the dominant color making the entire site looks chic. The pink chocolate color is a must-see. Its main page displays the store’s most popular products. It also provides the information that you need about the company. The best thing of it all is that it has clear call-to-action buttons located on the right side of the webpage. Cool, isn’t it?

5. Muffin Manufaktur


How the image slider presents the photos is unique. It doesn’t follow a minimalistic design but it does bring out the elegance of this site with floral and cupcake illustration. Although it’s written in German, you don’t have to learn the language to appreciate the site. It’s simply attractive. You can’t really go wrong with pink.

6. Keith Homemade Cakes


There’s still shade of pink here but it’s not the dominant color. It partly rocks with a retro style. The entire site isn’t feminine chic but you’ll surely notice its beautiful typography being used. The beautiful images of the company’s products are also showcased right in front of its main page. Delicious!

7. Cup Cup


This is another site that utilizes pink as the dominant color. It’s very feminine but it doesn’t mean it won’t appeal to the male audience. The images of their cupcakes are just stunning. You’ll surely want one when you visit this site. If you’re on a diet, however, make sure you can control your appetite after seeing the images.

8. Little Cake Parlour


This site utilizes minimalistic design with lots of white space. But the chic design will grab your attention. It uses stripes of pink as the background. It’s very simple.

9. Dots Cupcakes


The entire site works well. The navigation isn’t difficult. Each page of the site is designed beautifully with creative icons. The integration of an order form makes it easier for you to choose and make an actual order of one of its cupcakes.

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