20 Cute Personal Blogs

You might have got across with different types of website. They differ in content, design, and purpose. Some are ordinary while others are simply cute and amazing.

It is no wonder that some websites leave positive impressions and makes you want to keep on coming back to that website.

In this article, I listed some of the cute personal blogs that you can find in the internet today.

I am sure it is not a complete list, but I came up with 20 blog sites that you can start with.

Check each of them and see how cute these blog sites are.

1. Blissfully Ever After

Heavenly Blossom

2. Ask Anna


Ask Anna is a website for people who have household questions. The website is especially cute and warm in its overall layout.

3. Sarah Bakes


If you love gluten free food, then this is the go-to website. You can find different recipes that deal with gluten-free food which are delicious and fun to eat.

4. Planner Perfect


Planner Perfect is for all women out there who seek to organize their life in the small world called ‘home’. The website is decorated with feminine and lovely features.

5. I Dream of Clean


I Dream of Clean is a website about cleaning and organizing things. You can get useful tips from this website that you might have not heard of before.

6. The Blog is Found


The Blog is Found is truly a heart-warming blog because of its light-hearted theme and blog ideas. You can read different blog ideas in this website.

7. Nana Soemarno


This is a French website with feminine touches all over the place. It is quite impressive on how the overall theme was designed.

8. Baby Center


This blog site is all about kids. Basically, you can find post about kids here like baby products, baby tips, child rearing topics, and many others.

9. Cute Like Me Blog


Cute Like Me is a blog site the author and the lovely things that keeps her busy. You can read many things about life and simple things that make us happy.

10. Kathryn Cramer


Kathryn Cramer is all about Kathryn and her hobbies.

11. Pretty Darn Cute


This website is basically simple in design and yet, it can captivate the mellow side of your personality.

12. Francesca Battistelli


This website is about Francesca, the famous singer. It provides information and updates about Francesca.

13. Jennifer Dake


Jennifer Dake is a Christian motivational speaker. She has a very diverse background which allows her to relate to a diverse audience as well. In this blog site, you will see how simple and yet effective the page is.

15. The Design Cubicle


The Design Cubicle is a website of a web designer, Brian Hoff. In this website, you will know more about his work and expertise.

16. Adelle Charles


Adelle Charles is about Adelle as being a visual designer at Bitly.

17. Laura Marchbanks


Laura Marchbanks is a photography website for weddings and other occasions.

18. Doug Neiner


As a personal blog site, Doug updates his followers through posting content about himself.

19. The Blog Shoppe


The Blog Shoppe is a pretty website that showcases the projects of the author.

20. Zoella


Now that you have seen our list of cute designs, you can now start your own personal blog with this theme as well. If you have more suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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