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Since Instagram has taken the place of photography fantasy, it has become a magical tool for sharing the beautiful and colorful world of people more easily. This easy-to-use application has a lot of features to offer – from snapping a picture to giving it a finish – all taking just a few seconds before turning the image into a professionally-touched stunning piece of art. But yet, this is an app on which you just take pictures then refine them, only to post on other social networking site accounts you have. So it means they must involve some serious thoughts before you post them.

Still, if you think you need to take out some of your older photos you have uploaded, or some which you have just posted yet decided to pull off after change of mind, or simply the photos that have somehow embarrassed you in some way – then why wait?


  1. Just log on to your ‘Instagram’ account first.
  2. Once you are on your Home Feed, simply click your ‘User Profile’ – the last icon below the page.
  3. You will instantly be navigated to a new window where you will find all the photos you have uploaded. Scroll down the photos in the ‘Group View’ to quickly search the photo you want to delete.
  4. Click on the photo you want to delete, and you will notice a ‘…’ button just below the photo you selected. It will be seen on the bottom-right part of the photo, just below the caption. Click on it.
  5. From there, you will see a number of photo options in the menu. Click on ‘Delete’ to erase the photo from your account.

    For confirmation, Instagram will of course ask because once deleted, the photo cannot be traced back again unless you have uploaded it again (comments and likes will be back to zero).

  6. The options will be ‘Delete’ and ‘Don’t Delete’. To confirm the deletion, choose ‘Delete’ between the two buttons. Voila! The photo you wanted to be removed has just got deleted.

Other things you need to know:

  1. Make sure that the grid button in top-left corner of the pictures on your profile is marked, so that you get the ‘Group View’ in case you are looking for an older photo.
  2. Or remain in the ‘List View’ for a recently posted picture, because it displays the all the photos one by one – starting from the recent uploads until the older ones.
  3. Remember that the link of a deleted photograph which was shared to other sites remains active for up to four hours. After that, the link either stops working or vanishes all together.

But even after a confirmed deletion, if a photo is still shown for an extended time then please contact the Help Center of Instagram for immediate help as that can be a result of an old cache which has not been updated on time. So now that you know how to delete a photo on Instagram, fear not…. and go Instagramming your lovely photos.

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