how-to: delete a post in google plus

Especially if you’re a social media marketer or someone who would love the stories you posted on your blog, Google+ is a big tool. You can share about virtually anything in different forms such as text, photos, and even links and videos! However, sometimes, chances are some of your posts may not work well with others, and some can even bring more harm to your blog than good!

Thankfully, aside from the option to quickly edit and update your posts, Google+ also allows you to quickly and easily delete a post. Whether it’s an old post or something that you shared just now, deleting a post is fun and intuitive.

The steps below will make sure you won’t get lost.

  1. Click the “drop down arrow” at the top right of your post and select “Delete Post”. Here’s a screenshot demo:
  2. Click “Delete” to confirm.

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