Deleting A Particular Message Without Deleting The Whole Conversation On Facebook

Facebook lets you keep in touch with friends and send messages in many ways: by posting on their timeline, sending them a private message, or chatting with them.

The messages which you send are contained in a message or conversation thread. This thread includes all your conversation- from the first message to all the replies from the sender and recipient.

When you no longer want to see a particular sent message, you can delete this message without removing the whole conversation thread. Follow these simple and easy steps on how to delete a particular message without deleting the whole conversation thread on Facebook.

These steps are applicable on private, chat and group messages.

How to Delete Facebook Messages Individually

  1. Go to Messages located at the left sidebar of your Facebook page. You may also click the Messages icon on the top left portion of your Facebook page.
  2. A window containing your most recent messages will appear. Open the conversation containing the particular message you want to delete.
  3. Click the Actions button. This can be found beside the magnifying glass icon at the top right portion of your message. A dropdown menu will appear, select Delete Messages. Delete Messages” />
  4. Choose the particular message you want to delete by using the checkbox. Click Delete. Click Delete button

Things you need to know:

  1. Once you delete a copy of the message from your inbox, this will permanently remove the selected message from the conversation thread. You cannot undo this actionnor retrieve a deleted message.
  2. Deleting a copy of the message from your inbox will not delete the message from the recipient’s inbox.
  3. Sent messages cannot be unsent neither deleted from the recipient’s inbox. They may receive your message as an email notification depending on their notification settings.
  4. You may also choose to archive your conversation. While deleting will permanently delete the message from your inbox, archiving it will just hide the message.

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