10 Best Dentists in Toronto You Should Check Out

We all know that we need to have that mega-watt smile always ready and onhand that’s why having the proper dental and oral care is always a must, having a great dentist who knows what they are doing is essential especially when it comes to treating several problems that do need a closer inspection.
In the great city of Toronto alone, there is an exponential list of dentists that collectively make sure that your pearly whites are always in great shape no matter what you need.  Here at Brand Glow Up, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 dentists in Toronto you should see now.

Willow Dental Associates

Willow Dental Associates has an approach that pushes more for the organic method of dentistry. It’s an innovative and comfortable environment wherein their team of skilled dentists in Mississauga, ON, aims to build long-term and positive relationships among their clients by offering them high-quality service.
Address:1185 Queensway E Unit 9, Mississauga, ON L4Y 0G4, Canada

Yoon Black Dentistry

Founded in 1970 by Drs. Yollick and Black is a family-oriented dentistry firm that carries on the traditional aspects of personalized patient care and dentistry. Dr. Black’s personality as a renowned dentist for over 10 years in the GTA area has always meshed well with children because of her resounding skill as an engaging orthodontist that builds natural rapport with patients.
Address:685 Kennedy Rd, Scarborough, ON M1K 2B8, Canada

Brown’s Line Dental has been treating patients for a collective amount of years in the Greater Toronto Area since the 1980s, as a trusted name in orthodontal care, Brown’s is committed to ensuring that every patient has the utmost care and attention from its team whenever procedures and treatments are done to improve your pearly-whites comfortably.
Website: www.brownslinedental.com/
Address:608 Brown’s Line, Etobicoke, ON M8W 3V5, Canada

Waterview Dental

Waterview Dental is an established dental office based around Toronto’s Harbourfront area for the past 14 years. Initially started by Toronto Dentists Drs. Afif and Poulos, the clinic strives to provide comprehensive general and cosmetic dental care to their stream of patients.
Address:218 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON M5J 2Y6, Canada

Yorkville Toronto Dental Specialists

Yorkville Toronto Dental offers a full scope of specialized dentistry with expertise ranging from wisdom teeth extraction, implants, veneers, and many others. Drs. Albert Haddad, Philip Haddad, and Klieb strive to correct numerous amounts of dental problems that opt to redesign the smile.
Address:7 St Thomas St #705, Toronto, ON M5S 2B7, Canada

Soho Dental

Soho Dental is a downtown Toronto dentist, specializing in high quality and affordable cost dental implants, Invisalign, Dental Cleaning, and Cosmetic Dentistry that provides clients with service that truly matter for their dental health.
Address:147 Spadina Ave. Unit 104, Toronto, ON M5V 2L7, Canada

Cabbagetown Dental Centre

Cabbagetown Dental has it all, especially when it comes to providing the highest service possible for their patients regarding their dental care needs. Their team of specialized dentists works hard to ensure the highest grade of dental services ranging from implants, periodontal, cosmetic, and endodontic options.
Website: www.cabbagetowndental.com/
Address: 588 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M4X 1P8, Canada

Royal Bank Plaza Dental Centre Downtown Toronto

Royal Bank Plaza’s dental care center opts for excellence in service as they ultimately provide excellent dental care to the Greater Toronto Area’s residents that want their pearly whites taken care of under no time or budget constraint while making sure that their patients are taken care of.

Website: www.royaldentalcentre.com/
Address: 200 Bay St LR2, Toronto, ON M5J 2J3, Canada

University of Toronto — Dental Clinic

With over 145 years of experience, the dental team at The University Of Toronto’s Dental Clinic has made it their mission to improve healthcare across the world by allocating resources and continuously striving to be one of the leading global faces that inspire leadership while improving dental health for all.
Website: patients.dentistry.utoronto.ca/patients
Address:101 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G 2L3, Canada

As an alternative, you can also google a term like ‘dentist near me richmond hill or ‘ dentist in toronto’ to get a list of dental experts that you can reach out to.

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