Must-know Differences Between Organic, Paid And Viral Facebook Page Reach

In a Facebook page, there’s such a thing as reach. It offers essential details for those who want to know the number of people who’ve visited or seen their page or post in the first 28 days of publishing a post. It’ll count each time the post has reached a Facebook user when it’s loaded in his/her News Feed.

Currently, there are different types of reach. These are the following:

  1. Organic
  2. Viral
  3. Paid

What are their differences?

  1. Organic: Organic Reach is based on the number of people who saw your Facebook Page post through their News Feed, Ticker or your official FB page. Among the three types, organic is the most common way for your post to reach other Facebook users.

    Each time you publish a post, photo or status update on your Facebook Page and someone sees it, the number goes up.

  2. Viral:
    It’s a type of Reach that counts the number of people who’ve accessed a Page post via a story from their Facebook friends. A Facebook Viral Reach usually says “… shared using [certain application].” This means that the users didn’t utilize that app but they were virally reached through a post from their FB friends.

    It’s essentially an impression about a certain story of a Facebook page that has been created each time someone makes a comment on that post.

    Viral Reach has different types:

    1. Fan story. The story or Facebook Page reaches someone by becoming a fan.
    2. User story. Someone has written something on that Facebook Page through its Wall.
    3. Page Post: It’s when someone commented or liked a Page’s post. It also counts when someone shared the post.
    4. Mentioned. The post of a Facebook Page reaches someone when a person tags or mentions the post through his/her Facebook Wall.
    5. Check-ins: When someone checks in at the place the Page represents, it’s called Checkedins Viral post.
  3. Paid Reach:
    It’s a type of Reach being accessed by Facebook users through an ad or a sponsored story. All posts that have a Sponsored label belong to this category.

    As an owner of a Facebook Page, you’d surely want to focus on this type of Reach. It’s a perfect way to see how your paid content is reaching potential clients.

Each of these types is essential. But the numbers stated aren’t exact. You can compare Reach with a billboard. If there are 100 people who pass by the billboard, you can’t be sure how many of them have seen the ad. It’s impossible to know the exact number of Facebook users who really saw your Facebook Page post or photo.

With that in mind, experts recommend not to rely so much on the numbers as part of your marketing strategy.

Nevertheless, these types of reach are useful if you want to use Facebook Page to market your products and services.

  1. It can measure the performance of your previous posts.
  2. It tells you when and how your Page content is mostly seen by your fans. Through the real-time Insights added by Facebook, you can see the number of people who’ve seen your post in the first two hours. That said, you can tell the best time to reach your fans.
  3. It determines how your Page content has been accessed by your fans. This is very useful when you’re looking for ways on how to accomplish your goal. You can use the information to analyze each type of Reach and adjust your marketing strategy.

By understanding the differences between these three types of Reach on Facebook, you’ll get a specific idea on how to increase your audience. But you need to be careful when posting something on your Page.

Keep in mind that a post that has a Reach but without engagement can hurt your Page’s ranking. Facebook will interpret it as not-so-interesting Page, which will result in your Page’s post not showing to Facebook users’ Wall. That said, you need to provide a post that offers value to your fans.

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