10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies for Luxury Brands in Toronto

This is for the brand leaders who need optimum exposure and curated branding that appeal to the more tasteful audience. For the cream of the crop, we round up ten of the best digital marketing agencies for your luxury brand. Moreover, each also has the experience and is knowledgeable in certain industries they specialize in. Now without further ado, discover the most suitable for you and build a remarkable brand that people love.

Best Digital Marketing Agencies for Luxury Brands in Toronto

1.Brand Glow Up

Visit Brand Glow Up’s portfolio here.

Excellent in what they do, Brand Glow Up helped many brands in the past to establish their presence and be on top of their game. From products to services and even professional services, they brought dreams to life and exceed the expectations of the people they collaborated with. Also, it’s commendable how stylish yet modern their website is. Definitely, they’ll always deliver with gusto and style. Book an appointment with their team and discover your brand’s hidden potential.

2.Blades Marketing

Blades Marketing is a creative marketing agency located in Toronto. Catering to areas around, they are offering comprehensive digital solutions for those who struggle to build a reputable brand. Further, they have also influencer marketing services, content creation, web design, and even social media with brand management. An all-in-one stop for everything digital marketing-related indeed.


other digital marketing agency

Quite deep and future-oriented, Other is one of the go-to digital marketing agencies in Toronto. They are in the industry and built quite a reputation in the last 6 years. More than planning, they are also inclined to also deliver measurable results through carefully set objectives and KPIs. This is, of course, aligned with their clients. With an impressive roster of digital solutions from the web to social media, you’ll surely never go wrong with them.


Seeing beyond the brand, Mosaic‘s team focuses on the bigger picture and how they can mould one brand to fit the picture. Through this, they deliberately craft branding and marketing strategies that fit and suit a brand best. Further, they also help bridge the gap between a brand to its audience. They even also work on the end game aligned with their client: it’s to convert these audiences to sales.

5.LOGOS mArketing

logos marketing

Visit LOGOS Marketing’s portfolio here.

LOGOS Marketing joins this list as one of the preferred digital marketing agencies for luxury brands in Toronto. Committed to design, build, and grow – they are straightforward to their goal to help a client. Not only catering within Toronto, but they also expanded their service to also accommodate those outside Toronto and within Ontario. Another amazing fact about the agency is they have been in the industry for a decade. Definitely reliable!


Let’s talk about marketing innovations. Markovate commits to be the leader in marketing innovations for luxury brands not only in Toronto but also in the whole world. To add, they also have an excellent team that works hard to strengthen their roster of services that clients can rely on. Further, they cater as well apps or websites to help increase online foot traffic and usage of certain web services of their clients.

7.Hyped Media

gethyped clients

Visit LOGOS Marketing’s list of clients here.

Get the hype you deserve with class through Hyped Media‘s careful strategic approach to craft your brand an excellent campaign. They are one of the reliable digital marketing agencies for luxury brands in Toronto. Moreover, they got you in whatever digital services you need – from social media to website design. Besides Toronto, they also have a satellite office that caters to Londo. Definitely world-class!

8.Onefluent Inc.

Onefluent Inc. has built its reputation as a digital marketing agency that caters to luxury brands in Toronto. As an international marketing agency, they gather big data in several fields more than you can imagine. Since these are research-based, their strategies are always S.M.A.R.T. that makes them bring more quantitative results to the table.

9.Brand & Mortar

Brand & Mortar

Offering services beyond digital, Brand & Mortar is a full-service marketing agency. They cover not only digital marketing but also content creation and the creation of offline touchpoints for your brand and its target audience. Since 2011, they have received several awards and recognitions from industry leaders.

10.Beattie Tartan

Specializing in PR and digital marketing, Beatti Tartan sure delivers integrated communication strategies for new or existing brands that need a new voice. They also cater to different industries for over years, totalling 12 sectors. Further, they have also built several satellite offices across Canada that sure only show how great and reliable this team is.

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