how-to: disable location sharing in google plus

Like any other Google apps offline or online, Google+ also offers the terrific feature of location sharing. With location sharing, you can let your family and friends know what you’re up to at your current location. Though the location tracking feature may not always work best, at least it gives people the idea as to where you are right now. It makes you more interesting.

However, despite the addition of such feature, people are sometimes annoyed that the location feature is not accurate, and sometimes, frustrating. Moreover, it also consumes extra amount of data, making you pay more or waste more bytes than you planned. Thankfully, Google+ offers quick ways to turn the location sharing feature on or off.

Check out the steps below and let us know if it helps!

  1. Click your photo at the top right of the your screen and select “Account”.
  2. Click Google+ settings.
  3. Scroll all down until you see the “Location Settings” section then uncheck “Enable Location Sharing” to disable.

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