how-to: disable reshares or comments for posts in google plus

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and even Google+ are essentially social centers, and this simply means that what you share may trigger other stories. Your story may also trigger new or older ideas, and may even spark some emotions from people. Whether it’s just a line, a photo, a video, a paragraph, an embedded link, or even other people’s stories, chances are people will always have a certain reaction.

Thankfully, there’re some few options in Google+ that can keep you and your stories off from people’s aching need to interact. Yes, you can let them enjoy the reading, but you can stop it from there.

Check out the screenshots below and learn how you can disable people from making comments and even resharing your posts.

When you’re about to post:

  1. When you share something, click the “drop down arrow” icon then select “Disable Reshares” or “Disable Comments”. Here’s an example:

When a post is already published:

  1. Go to a particular post and click the “drop down arrow” icon, then select “Disable Comments” or “Disable Reshares”. Here’s a screenshot demo:

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