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Twitter is a very powerful site in which you can follow anyone, be it a business entity, organization, celebrity, politician, musician and many others. If you are new to Twitter, you should at least search for people to follow if you do not know anyone yet. You can use the search box to look for people or you can use the following method that will be discussed in this article:

How to search for accounts by category

To search for accounts and browse by category, just follow these easy steps:

  1. On your Twitter home page, go to the Discover tab.
  2. DiscoveryTwit

  3. On the left side, click on Popular Accounts.
  4. PopAccountTwit

  5. Twitter will now display suggested people or accounts grouped into categories, such as Music, Entertainment, Sports, Arts and Design, News, Government and Politics, depending on the country you specified on your account.
  6. PopAccount2Twit

  7. Just click on any of the categories to view a list of people you might want to follow (mostly popular ones).
  8. CategoryTwit

  9. Click on the Follow button next to their username. Do this for every person you want to follow. After all, you can always unfollow them if you feel like it.
  10. FollowDisTwit

Advantage of following by categories

Having a list of categories for browsing people makes it easier to find your interests. For example, if you are into sports, you might want to check out the Sports category for people you want to follow, e.g. sports teams or athletes.

Or if you are a fan of a TV show, you can check out Entertainment and look for your favorite shows, actors and actresses.

But if you cannot find the account of a specific personality or entity from the categories, you can simply use the search box above to specify your search terms, especially if the person you want to follow is not very famous.

Suggested people will also appear on the left side of your Timeline, suggested based on the people you follow.


If you do not have any idea on who to follow, or have a friend who is new to Twitter, then suggesting this tutorial to him or her would be helpful, since it is one of the most basic ways on how to find people to follow on Twitter.

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