how-to: display or embed your instagram photos in wordpress sidebar

Ever wonder how to make your latest Instagram photos show up on your WordPress? In this post, you will learn how to do it in less than 10 minutes using a simple WordPress plugin. Here’s an example of how it should look like:

Display Instagram Photos

We will install the “Minimalist Instagram Options” to your site to display your latest Instagram photos in thumbnails style. All you have to enter is your Instagram username and access token. Here’s how to do it:

Display an Instagram Widget in Your WordPress Sidebar

Step #1: Install The Plugin

  1. Login to your WordPress, go to “Plugins” > select “Add New”. Click Plugins then Add New
  2. Type and search for “Minimalist Instagram Options” (by Ethan Gibson). Search for Minimalist Instagram Options
  3. Now click the “Install Now” link. Click Install Now
  4. Activate the plugin. Activate the plugin

Step #2: Configure the plugin

Now we’ll modify the settings for this plugin to make sure your photos properly show up.

Important: In order to make this work, your Instagram must be set to public.

  1. Go to “Instagram Options”. Go to Instagram Options
  2. Enter your username and Access token. To get your access token, click here and login with instagram. Enter your username and access token.
  3. Once you get your access token, go back to the dashboard and enter your access token.
  4. Click “Save Options”.

Step #3: Displaying The Plugin

And finally in this last step, we’ll display your photos on your sidebar.

  1. Drag the “Minimalist Instagram Widget” on the Primary Sidebar. Drag the Minimalist widget to the primary sidebar
  2. Click the drop down arrow to edit the settings. Enter the title, username, # of photos you want to show, if you want to enable videos, photos per row. Here’s my settings: Enter your details
  3. Once you’re finished, click “Save”.
  4. View your site.. you’re done!

Looking for an alternative plugin?

If you want an alternative plugin like this one. You can try WP Instagram Widget.

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