10+ Best Doctor Web Design Examples & Inspirations

Doctors have various specialities and curating a website to highlight that can best grow the awareness of a doctor in a specific area. At the same time, this also helps filter out uninterested site visitors and nurture leads who are truly in need of one’s service. Here, we rounded up 10+ Best Doctor Web Design Examples & Inspirations to get ideas from and come up with a website to best support the profession.

10+ Best Doctor Web Design Examples & Inspirations

1. Cooperative of American Physicians

Cooperative Doctors Website Design Examples

True professional and definitely not out of touch with today’s trend, Cooperative of American Physicians has a good website to check out. They used a couple of bright colours that add life to the website. The use of human representations also helps establish a friendly impression with the team. Besides the usefulness of the navigational bar, they also added search bars and potential call-to-cation buttons to maximize traffic within the page.

2. Best Doctors

Tapping into the need for someone credible in the medical field, Best Doctors curated their website copy to communicate just that. Furthermore, call-to-action buttons are added after each segment to engage potential clients. They also included previous patient stories that are told using video material. To introduce their team, they limited to use of statistics to best communicate their competence from a measurable angle.

3. Doctors on Demand

Doctor on Demand Doctors Website Design Examples

Doctors on Demand has a neat website with tight sectioning. They used colours that communicate security and professionalism then added photos of people which communicates they are people-oriented. Moreover, they curated their copy to be conversational and appeal to the target audience’s emotions and experiences — encouraging them to take action and choose to be healthier. Call-to-actions are added and they ensured that important facts are formatted with bullet form for easier understanding.

4. TDC Group

Leaning into a more professional and modern doctor website design example, TDC Group is straightforward. They listed down potential services their clients may be looking for and incorporated icons for a quick skim. Besides this, they also had a pop-up question box on the lower right to prompt feedback from the site visitor.

5. True Care

True Care Doctor Website Design

Warm and cosy, True Care ensures that its brand values are communicated best in all aspects of its website. They used bright and recognizable colours that contrast yet positively complement each other. This helped add youthfulness along with the use of well-lit images that capture families taking charge of their health. To help boost their credibility, they also added a segment with patient feedback. Additionally, they also have a live chat plug-in and an accessibility menu.

6. Web to Med

Traditional doctor website design example, Web to Med has a navigational menu on top for ease of navigation. Their banner also contrasts their main website page background which creates an illusion to draw attention to the image. In the end, they added a section to list down their services and redirect interested parties to their respective pages.

7. Pinnacle

Pinnacle Doctors Website Design Examples

Modern and cheery, Pinnacle has a stunning doctor web design example to take inspiration from. Their use of yellow with white allows them to create a brighter and easy on the eye website. Since they are targeting children and families, their communication strategy and image choices align with this. For support, their previous happy patients also left testimonials to help them with grow the business.

8. WA Paediatric Surgery and Urology

WA Paediatric Surgery and Urology has a refreshing website with cool blue as its main tone. They prepared different sections on the landing page to communicate the services they extend and also discuss other business aspects relevant. A quick profile and background overview of their main doctors are also added to ease parents and assure them that their children are in good hands.

9. Richard Murphy

Richard Murphy Doctors Website Design Examples

Richard Murphy has a modern yet classic website design that showcases an impressive track record. At the same time, he also emphasized his speciality and ensure that this is clear through the representation of women and mothers with infants in his web images. Furthermore, he also enumerated the services offered and how he can help his potential clients. Video and blog content are also included for more information on the field and the doctor.

10. Perth Chiropractor

A friend to all, Perth Chiropractor welcomes us with a family photo that showcases health and happiness for generations — this taps into our vision and encourages us to make smart health decisions. Call-to-action buttons are added to encourage site visitors to touch base with the team and set appointments. At the same time, there are also media and affiliation showcases to further promote the doctor’s credibility.


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