10 most beautifully-designed web icons that utilize flat style

The trend of using flat designs is growing in popularity. Thanks to their availability.

When you’ve a website, you can use unique flat web icons as part of the overall design of your site. It’s a brilliant concept that only a few website owners can pull it off.

There aren’t many designers who are familiar with this latest trend. This is probably because they don’t know how to get started with it.

In this post, you’ll find a collection of different web icons following the flat design concept that is widely used by several accomplished website designers across the globe.

Although these web icons are free to download and use, you mustn’t use them to your every project. Keep in mind that this concept doesn’t fit to every web design. You’ll only use them when the details of your design fit together.

1. Flatilicious


It’s a pack of 48 free flat icons for your web design. Each icon can be used for your website, applications or infographics. They’re available in vector shapes so you can resize them to fit your overall design. They don’t have complicated patterns and shadows so you can focus on the content of your site.

2. Flat Icons


These are 24 flat style icons by Jan Dvorak. All of these icons are fully layered so you can easily customize them. Although they’re flat, they can still offer your website an interactive look sans the refined graphics.

3. Flat File Icons in PSD


It’s a package of vector-based file icons with flat design. You can edit the icon’s colors, sizes, and even wording. Those who have downloaded it described the icons as simple, unique, and very colorful. Although they’ve flat design, they still have the edge effects that offer interactivity.

4. Cosmo Mini Free


The icons are in 40×40 pixels. Each icon is in PNG file. You can use them in commercial or non-commercial purposes. The icons utilize subtlety of the flat design game that can help your overall design stand out.

5. Circle Icons Pack


It’s a package of icons that are in circular forms. You’ll find icons for Skype, Pinterest, Firefox and other popular apps that you can use for your website. They’re very colorful. The pack has more than 150 icons in PNG format.

6. Flat Social Media Icons


This is a collection of social media icons in flat style. The package includes 35 icons, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Skype, Stumbleupon, Tumblr, and other popular social media. All icons are in PNG and PSD formats.

7. Flat Icons


Made by Pierre Borodin, these flat icons are simple yet very useful. They’re also simple to use while keeping your content more focused. Your website will flow naturally when you use these icons.

8. Metro UI Icons


The package has a huge collection of 725 icons. In here, you’ll find icons for operating systems, apps, and browsers. Each of them is in 256 pixels. By including them to your website, your users can easily interact with your page without being disrupted by its graphical content.

9. Flat PSD Freebie


The little icons are gorgeous enough not to include them in this list. All icons are in PSD format. They all follow the flat concept and they’re perfectly designed using bright colors.

10. Publicons


It’s designed by Joshua Sortino who made sure that the icons in this package are finely-tuned. The colors are gorgeous enough to make your website stand out from the competition. They all work well.

These flat design web icons can make your website easier to read and interact with. They’re free to use so you don’t have reasons not to use them.

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