3 simple formulas to drive more traffic from youtube

YouTube is no doubt the number one video-sharing website today with billions of people visiting the website.

It is the second largest search engine (second to its sister company, Google) and known to be the 4th most valuable web property in the world.

Considering the facts mentioned above, there are countless of possibilities on how YouTube can help you grow your website..

YouTube can be the perfect tool to drive more traffic to your website and to increase your online presence.

What Makes Youtube the most useful medium to improve the visibility of your website?!

  • Tremendous number of active users – currently, there are over 300 million active users of YouTube – that is almost equivalent of the total population of United States.

    Each day, videos amounting to thousands of hours are uploaded and viewed. Imagine if you can reach this tremendous market size.. There is no telling what you can do with the power of YouTube.

  • Videos are more engaging – generally, people like watching rather than reading.

    They like the feeling of taking in information without doing anything, but just watching. Videos can be entertaining and can present much information in the most interesting and creative way.

  • YouTube can serve as a link to your website – that’s right. YouTube can be your gateway for more traffic.Since it is already an established and highly visited website, you can tap into the power of YouTube and funnel more visitors to your site.

How to Drive Traffic from YouTube to your Site

Let us now get into the heart of the matter. How can you really use YouTube for your own good? Here are quick and detailed methods that you wished you have known many years ago.

Method #1 – Improve YouTube visibility

There is no doubt that there are tens of thousands of videos added to YouTube each day.

So if you are not doing anything to increase your visibility, your videos will be buried into the YouTube abyss.. You must take extra special effort to increase the visibility of your videos.

Here are a few ways to improve your YouTube presence.

  • Use Descriptive Video Title – you need to make your subtitles keyword-rich. By this time, you must make sure that you include words that will most likely be used in search engines. Be specific instead of using broad terms.

    Instead of using “Good ways to create a table”, use “5 ways to create a coffee table”.

    Youtube Editor

  • Tag Location – when you upload a video, you must tag its location. Tagging your location will help Google to include you in their SERP. Through location tagging, your videos will be indexed in Google Maps and Google Places.
  • Use specific tags! – See the example above? I included every tags related to what I’m teaching. People use different tags and tends to use different terms, so include as much as relevant tags if you can. In this way, people are able to find what they’re looking for a lot easier.
  • Enhance Related Videos – these videos are featured at the right side of the video you are watching. You need to make sure that you will be categorized accurately so that your videos will show up in related videos section. This can be done through using the right tags and video description.

To edit your video details, click the dropdown arrow located at the top right of your screen, then select “Video Manager”. Find the video you want to edit, then click the “Edit” button.

Method #2 – Beautify Your Channel

A channel is one of the best features that YouTube added recently. It is like a profile page where you can add description about yourself.

You can group your videos in this section..

It works like a profile page in Facebook. So basically, the channel will work as your platform to promote more of your videos.

But having a channel is not enough. You need to customize it in a way that it will promote your page. There are different parts of a channel that you need to get familiar with and start customizing.

  • Featured Video – this is a one good opportunity for you to showcase the best of your videos. Adding videos on your featured list will be a great means to highlight a video and increase its traffic. Set your featured Video through the Feature tab.
  • Channel Tags – tags are another name for keywords. The only difference is that you can add as many tags as you like. Tags will be use by YouTube to know the content of your videos and channel. It is a helpful way to optimize your videos.
  • Description area – the description area is where you can add links about your website. This is where you can include your company’s website link, Facebook page, Twitter, Google+, and others. The description of your channel will help YouTube to identify the main purpose of your website.

Here’s a channel I just made (don’t forget to subscribe!!!)

Youtube Channel Twelveskip

See my site URL + social links at the top right bar? That’s another way to boost your site traffic! Get subscribers, get youtube viewers, more website click!

Method #3 – Create a Network

Uploading a video is just the start of hard work and optimization. You need to find other means to spread the word about your video and this can be through building a network. Your primary target is to let convince people to subscribe to your channel.

Once they made a subscription, the new videos you upload will be added to their news feed. Here’s how:

  • Ask people to subscribe at the end of your video. – end the video with a call to action! You can ask them to subscribe if they find your video useful or add a caption somewhere in the video to remind them to subscribe to your channel!
  • Ask your viewers to click the links (your site & social media accounts) below your video. You can also add within your video a section showing that they need to visit your website to “learn more”.
  • Don’t be afraid to subscribe to other channels as well. Add more users as your friend and find other channels that are related to your niche. As you try to talk about others, they will start to talk about you as well.
  • Respond to your viewers comments. This will help forging a good relationship and build trust between you and the viewer.
  • Get your videos posted in social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. This way, you can be sure that you are not missing any opportunity of increasing your video views.
  • Finally, make sure that you create high-quality, original, and engaging videos.

When you prove to other people that you have something that is proven to be useful to them, they will keep on viewing your current and future videos. Update your channel regularly and keep the momentum once it is gained.

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