Ready to give your e-commerce or online store a professional look and feel? Brand Glow Up offers up-to-date web design and branding solutions to entrepreneurs in Toronto and beyond.

Creating an online shop is easier now than many years ago when setting up a website meant having to learn some complicated coding skills or hiring a pro. That aspect has been simplified today by many e-commerce website builders like Shopify and WordPress.

So why do you still need to hire a pro?

No longer just hype, e-commerce is fast becoming our reality. For digital entrepreneurs (old and new), that translates to the need to level up because competition has gotten tougher. In short, you need more than just answers to yesterday’s problems.

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality & Relevant. Personalized and engaging shopping experience, mobile-responsiveness, sustainability, and omnichannel retailing define today’s shopping behaviour. With our experienced pros who stay up-to-date with and well-equipped for such requirements, you enjoy a website that’s not only grounded in timeless principles of aesthetics and functionality but also one that’s compatible with changing trends.
  • Template answers and template solutions are not our way of doing business. We treat every business with the special attention it deserves. From your niche and target audience to the budget you’re working with, we put in the effort to learn them so we can create a design, a plan, a strategy that solves YOUR pain points.
  • One-stop Shop. Going to different places to hire pros and briefing them with your brand, needs, and what-nots can be time-consuming—even when you do all of them online. With our team web designers and developers, marketing gurus, copywriters, and graphic designers, we save you precious time. From ala carte services to end-to-end solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t just survive. Thrive in today’s digital landscape with our A-1 team.