10 best ways to earn money from your fashion blog

Fashion is one of the biggest industries today. Unlike others, fashion is something that interest a wide range of people. So it’s really a great topic to talk about (in your blog).

If you’re planning to set up a fashion blog or you might already have one, you’ll be more than happy that you can actually turn your fashion blog into something that will generate money.

Everyone wants to earn, right? Especially if it is from doing what you really love. In fact, most people who have fashion blog are already making a decent amount of money each month. So the problem for you now is how will you be able to achieve this?

I am here to teach you how to earn money by simply blogging about fashion. Here are some quick tips and guides.

1. Sign Up for Ad Networks

When you sign up for an advertising network company, you let this ad company display advertisements on your website and you get some .$$ click or views. Here are some ad networks you can join in:

  • Google AdSense: Adsense is run by Google and it’s probably the best CPM ad network out there. They pay really great when you get a lot of views. Adsense will be the one who will configure the right ads to be placed on your website. So you should expect ads related to fashion displayed on your site (ads are usually determined by the keywords you use on your web page).
  • Lijit: Lijit is my second favorite ad network! I’ve just recently worked with them and I’m actually impressed with my earnings compared to my previous ad providers. They are super friendly and they actually help me out how to increase my earnings. They only accept sites that contains high-quality content.
  • BlogAds: Founded in August 2002. Based in Carrboro, North Carolina. I haven’t tried them, but I’ve heard a lot of great reviews about them.
  • Chitika: If you have a good amount of traffic, Chitika can help you earn some decent money.

Remember, your website must be done or ready for the public before you apply.

2. Get a sponsor

Getting a sponsor may not be too hard nowadays. With so many brands and manufacturers, you can find the right sponsor for your fashion blog. For example, you can directly ask a clothing company that you can write a review about them and create a backlink to their website and then they can pay you some $$ in exchange.

Here are some online shops you can apply for..

  • Stylinity Influencer Marketing: Stylinity’s Squad is a great way to get paid influencer marketing collaborations with brands like Steve Madden, as long as you have a blog and a decent Instagram following. Their commission payouts to Squad members for affiliate sales are also the highest in the industry, starting at 10%, and their tools make it easy to tag products from just about any retailer with a website.
  • Stylezi
  • Oasap
  • RequiredFlare
  • Estarer
  • Romwe

3. Look for local stores

Unless you really live in a remote and far-flung area, you will find stores and outlets in your local community. When you finally identified all these local stores, you can approach each of them and offer your service. You can take a look on their products, write about them, promote it, and refer people to your local store.

4. Join Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs can help you earn some commission off fashion/beauty products you recommend to your viewers. For example, you wrote a review about your favorite product and you added your affiliate link into your post.. when your reader purchase the product through your “affiliate link”, you will receive a commission per sale.

Here are some affiliate programs you can join in:

Moreover, you can try other related platforms such as Kontera, Clickbank, and others.

5. Sell your own stuff

You can use your blog site as a platform to promote your products. If you have clothing and accessories for sale, you can blog about them and promote the products at the end of your blog. You can choose as well to devote one blog solely for one product. Since it is your blog site, you have the freedom to create a page where your visitors can explore what you are selling.

Here are some online great e-commerce software you can install on your site:

Or if you’re not sure or not ready to setup your own store on your blog, you can use third-party websites such as:

6. Sell other people’s stuff

You do not have to limit your self when it comes to what to sell. If you don’t have enough items to sell, you can go to your neighbors, friends, family, and relatives and see if they have something that might interest you. You can tell them that you will sell their items in exchange for a commission. This is a great way to earn since you do not have to shell out big amount of capital to start your business.

7. Be a consultant or speaker

Inevitably, when you create quality, credible, and authoritative blogs for many years, it is only a matter of time before someone will notice your writing prowess. Your fashion blog will serve as a living testimony of how much you know about the industry. People will then invite you to be their speaker in various events and gathering. Some brands will also consult you for any suggestion and how they may improve their products. In short, what you say matters now.

8. Write a review

Getting a hold of one of popular products can entitle you to write a review. Be honest with your review. When people see that you are genuine with what you write, they will most likely believe you and buy the same products you reviewed. In some awesome cases, brands will actually send you their products, in exchange of reviewing them.

This is a wonderful opportunity to show them you are fit for the job. Of course, make sure that you make it a point to the brand that you only write honest reviews and establish first if this is okay with them. After all, they will surely comply with your condition if they really have faith on their products.

9. Write for brands

When you already have a reputable website, a brand may take notice of you. When they do, they will hire you to write for them. The article you wrote can either be posted directly on their website or in other websites to serve as a backlink.

If you are having difficulty in finding some websites or brands that hire writers, you can use contractor-employer websites that will provide you with writing gigs. You can use oDesk, Freelance, and Elance. These websites are not exclusively for fashion-related jobs, but you can use their search tab to find the most fitting job for you.

In conclusion, your fashion blog will surely serve as a great medium to earn you a living. Initially, this can be a tough job to do, but given enough time, effort, commitment, and resources, you will inevitably excel in this industry.

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