How to Edit Home Slider on WordPress

The age today emphasizes first impressions and seamless visual presentations. This remains true for websites no matter what the set purpose is. Whether for an influencer or coach, photos become a crucial part of storytelling. For product and service businesses, aesthetic photos help them highlight their products or business culture more through home sliders. This helps the audience to easily build connections and prevents them from getting too bored with plain words. Here, we help you how to edit the home slider on WordPress without much stress on your end.

A plug-in in WordPress, Soliloquy boasts of its fantastic and smooth photo slideshows that you can easily incorporate into your website. You can use this on your landing page, just within the first snapshot of the website, to capture the attention and interest of your audience. The flipping of photos sets the atmosphere and allows the audience to scroll further and get to know the business.

Click “Soliloquy” from the dashboard’s left navigation:

Easy to implement, find and click Soliloquy on your WP-Admin’s left navigational bar. You will be redirected to its Editing Page. Once it loads, select the files from the current slider and delete them to start anew. The section will change to a Drag-drop option which prompts you to import photos you intend to add to the slider. Browse from your local directory and feel free to drop in the respective area then wait for it to finish uploading. 

Select and click “Delete Selected files from slider”

Drag & drop your new image for the slider > click the Update or Publish button

edit home slider on WordPress

At the same time, you can manually select the photos too if you opt to do it this way. There is a button designated for selecting files from your computer. Feel free to explore other templates available and see which fits your website best. Besides this, there are also dynamic sliders to edit the home slider on WordPress with. At the same time, you can also incorporate as well that fit different usages such as testimonials, featured blogs, and more. Once the changes intended are done, click the Update button then check the front end through the Preview option. If happy with how it looks, you can go ahead and publish the changes to go live.

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