How Edit Homepage Content on WordPress

Every once in a while, reorganizing your website landing page may be a good idea. It allows you to keep the information up to date and also, ensure the relevance of your content. No need to hire a web design and development team if you’re only intending to do minor changes. Take a moment to explore your WP-Admin and do it all yourself. No need to feel worried because we assure you that it’s easy to edit your homepage content on WordPress.

Go to “Appearance” from the dashboard’s left navigation bar > select Widgets

then Select the widgets/areas you want to edit. Here’s a guideline:

edit homepage content on WordPress

Before starting to tweak things from the dashboard, start with visualizing how you intend to change your website landing page. Consider where your current blocks would go and how much change we’re looking at. Doing this can help you strategically and systematically implement the update, saving a lot of time and effort from your end. At the same time, this can also keep you from disappointment and manage your own expectations.

To get started, load your WP-Admin and hover over the Appearance option on the left navigation menu. Once the sub-menu appears, click on Widgets and you’ll be directed to the Available Widget Page. Go through the panels one by one and see if the plan you prepared beforehand includes that. Encircled below are a few of the main adjustments you can check. Focus on making small adjustments first and checking the live preview to prevent major issues and allow easy troubleshooting.

You can also add Announcements, Nav Social Menu, Sitewide CTAs, and more if you want to. Maximize the built-in widgets if possible to benefit your traffic and conversion. One by one, the front page sections are also separated depending on your website layout. Be conscious of which part is linked to what section in the front end. This can make easy modifications should there be specific issues encountered afterwards. Besides the layout, you can also edit plug-ins and widgets installed on the dashboard here.

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