Editing Notification Settings On Pinterest

When you get a notification on Pinterest, a red bubble indicating the number of notifications will be displayed at the top-right corner of your Pinterest account. You can view your notifications by clicking the red bubble. Your notifications will inform you when someone repins, likes or comments on your pins, mentions you in a comment or follows one of your boards. You can control how much of these you want to see by editing the notifications settings. By editing this setting, you can choose whether to receive notifications from anyone who interacts with your or only people you follow. Read this simple tutorial to know how.


  1. Press the Notifications bubble on the top-right portion of your Pinterest Home feed just beside your profile menu.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Choose the setting for Show notifications from. It can either be Everyone or Only People I follow.
  4. Press Save Changes.

Things you need to know:

  1. By default, Pinterest users with more than 5,000 followers will only receive notifications from the people they follow.
  2. If you are encountering problem about your Notification settings, you can inform Pinterest about it. To do this, submit a request for assistance using this link->help.pinterest.com/anonymous_requests/new. Input your email address, Pinterest user name as well as first and last name. On the What do you need help with section, choose Top Questions from the dropdown menu. Select Settings. Include the type of device you are using (computer, phone or tablet), email subject and body. Make sure to give as many details as possible and provide a screenshot if you can. Finally click Submit.
  3. You also have the option to edit email notifications.

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