how-to: edit a post in google plus

Like any other social networking platforms trending on the web, Google+ offers fantastic and even intuitive ways to get your ideas and even feelings online! Sharing love stories, letting other people know what you’ve gone for a shopping, and making other people interested of the things you like—all of these you can do so in very easy steps! Now, the question is: what if you’ve posted something that you realized needs improvement?

Updating and improving your post, thankfully, is easy and always available in Google+ much as you’d have on Facebook, for example. If you want to add additional sentences, or replace a photo, all you need is to follow these two steps below. I bet you won’t get confused along the way!

How to edit a post in Google Plus

  1. Click the “drop down” arrow at the top right of your post then click “Edit Post”. Here’s an screenshot:
  2. Don’t forget to hit the “Save” button once you’re done!

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