How to Edit Navigation Menu on WordPress

Adding a couple of pages and restructuring your website can also mean editing your navigation menu on WordPress. Let’s cut the chase short and learn how to do it on our own — allowing us to save money, time, and resources in the process. Though the WP-Admin backend can be overwhelming at first, knowing where to find things and the availability of the Preview button helps us get comfortable with a safety net for minor mistakes.

Map out how you intend to update your navigation menu. List down how many options are visually presentable without overcrowding. If you have many links to highlight, you can also group some under a specific category. About Me, History, Branches and Contact pages can be grouped. At the same time, the product or services menu can have a sub-menu for its categories. Strategize what is best for your website before actually editing the navigation menu on the WordPress back end. 

Click “Appearance” from the dashboard’s left navigation > select “Menus” then follow below:

edit navigation menu on wordpress

Once done mapping, go to your WP-Admin and find the Appearance option in the left navigation menu. Hover over the option until the sub-menu appears. Click on the Menus option and wait to be redirected to the Menu Editing page. Once it loads, you’ll find a dropdown menu on top and select which menu you intend to modify. Here, you can edit the Top and Footer Menu. 

There are two panels you can work with. Start with the Add Menu Items panel and select which form of your existing pages are included in the navigation menu. Tick the checkbox and once done, click on the Add to Menu button. Feel free to tick and untick depending on what you mapped out earlier. Afterwards, the next panel on the right will reflect the list of pages. Rearrange by dragging the menu option according to your desired order. Save as draft first and check the live preview. If the menu is good to go, don’t forget to publish.

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