8 effective methods to avoid distractions while working at home

Working at home offers the flexibility and convenience that working in offices wouldn’t allow you. There are no noisy colleagues or busy office that you’d have to deal with.

With that in mind, you could finish whatever task you have in the day in blissful silence.

But, just because it presents you with a quiet environment doesn’t mean it’s free from distractions. Yes, working from home has its own pros and cons. And one of its disadvantages is the fact that this type of setup presents its own distractions that could definitely affect your productivity.

Having a happy and comfortable workplace is truly a wonderful thing if you think about it. But there are distractions associated with it. Family, neighbors and household chores are just few of the factors that could negatively affect your productivity.

Thankfully, there are some ways that could stop these factors from disturbing you while you work at home.

1. Develop a routine

At home, you’re the boss.. This means that you can make your own schedule that matches your lifestyle. But schedule sounds like a daunting task.

Thus, experts suggest considering it as a routine. You need to find that routine that works best for you.

Once you find it, you’ll see that you become more productive. You’ll also be less stressed.

However, you shouldn’t be too strict about it. To help you enjoy it, you need to let it flow naturally. Keep in mind that your goal here is to keep you productive while still enjoying your life.

You can start by waking up at 5 in the morning to check your email, messages or social media accounts. Then, have an hour of exercise.

After that, you’ll get two to three hours of working in your home office. You can start tackling one job at a time.

Take a break after that before resuming.

That routine may sound like it’s designed for laid back individuals.

But, hey, if it’ll work for you, then go with it. Remember, you must find a routine that prevents you from being stressed out while meeting a deadline.

2. Designate a work space

This is essential, especially if you need to keep work-related files at home. A bedroom can be designated as your workspace.

However, it’s prone to a lot of distractions. There’s your bed inviting you to sleep.

The best work space at home is a place where it gives you a true work environment.

3. Tell your family about your work hours

A lot of people assume that working from home makes you available 24/7. But this isn’t the way it works.

Tell your family members that you work on regular business hours. You must also tell your clients that they can call you during business hours, i.e. 9am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

If they call you outside those hours, you have to redirect them to your email.

4. Limit your time just to check your email

It’s important that you stay connected with your clients through email. However, spending a lot of your time on email will disrupt you from completing important tasks. You can allot every two hours to check your email for at least 5 minutes.

5. Never allow the technology to win

It’s true that technology can help you stay connected anytime, anywhere. However, you mustn’t allow it to control your life. If an email can wait until tomorrow, then let it wait.

Just because your clients can contact you through those portals doesn’t mean you have to allow people to communicate with you 24/7.

You must only answer your emails when you’re already at your desk during business hours. However, if it’s truly an emergency, then you must answer it right away.

6. Avoid handling personal matters during those business hours

Don’t allow your family members to tempt you to spend time with you while working.

You have to be focused on your work during your work hours.

Some people will take advantage of your home status that may disrupt you from your work. That said, you’ve to learn how to say “no” to any request if it falls within your work hours.

Let them know the hours you need to work and your break time. In this way, they’ll know your available period when they can talk and spend time with you.

7. Don’t multitask

It’s true that it can help you finish plenty of tasks in one day. But it’s too tricky. Most of the time, you won’t accomplish things that you’d hope to finish.

Thus, you must stay and get focused on one task at a time. In that way, you can finish all tasks you’ve designated during that day.

8. Stay organized

A messy desk can be a distraction. Better clean it up every morning so you can work more efficiently and effectively.

You can put up a glass board on your wall where you can write your to-do list.

Good thing is that most email programs these days have folders that allow you stay organized. In this way, you can easily find things quicker and easier.

It’s easy to get distracted while working from home. But, hopefully, these tips will help you avoid those distractions, thereby, giving you a more productive time while finishing your daily tasks.

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